“Perfect Pair “

You have to be true at heart to know what they mean,
Sorrows they behold & sometimes, even more within!
They are the ‘perfect pair’  in rhythm,
Never in disagreement and always in tandem.
Anger or joy, rage or peace, agony or contentment ;
Portraying clearly every emotion,  they help in mental assessment.
The ‘Eyes’, yes the ‘Eyes’  are the most precious,
I would not trade a ton of gold in exchange for something so pristine and pious.

Come let’s be like them,
Humanity today certainly needs to stop the blame game.
Lets us see the beauty of life, keeping aside judgements and arguments,
Let us have the vision of a new beginning,
Where equality, liberty & fraternity bloom & there’s no sign of any harassments.

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  1. Saroj kumar kar says:

    All the pairs in the world should be like the ” perfect pair” with same level of understanding and maturity. The perfect coordination and the loyality of the both parters as in case of eyes are to be learnt.

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