Father hood

pic source:https://debbicarberry.com.au/father-hood/

Rohan was getting ready for his annual sports day in school. He had always been an active kid . Getting involved in extra curricular activities and winning prizes were as if his usual routine.

But somehow that day his heart was heavy. He felt his shoulders weigh down. He was stressed and wanted to win the race at any cost . He went to the kitchen & touched the feet of his mother, Mrs Iyer. She blessed him & guided him to his father to seek the blessings. He was hesitant at first ,but then approached his mentor, his coach & his guru. Unsure of what to do, he ran to the shoe rack, unpacked a box & slowly brought his dad’s shoes. He then kept it beside the chair where his Guru was resting. Rohan kneeled ,bent down & kept his forehead on the shoes. His dad ,with his all time high energetic voice cheered him up & high -fived with Rohan.

In the corner of the living room, there was the Led TV that broadcast-ed the morning news where Major Iyer had been felicitated by the City Mayor. He had successfully gunned down six heavily armed terrorists and saved the life of his team mates along with many civilians during a ceasefire violation at the border check post. However , Mr. Iyer had to get both his legs amputated owing to severe injuries.

Seeing this ,Rohan felt his heart beat faster & said to himself that he will win ,no matter what, for the sake of his Guru!

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  1. Saroj Kumar Kar says:

    The “BOND ” is a subtle reflection of a child’s inborn affiliation and heartfelt gratitude towards his mentor , couch or guru.The child’s determination to meet the aspiration of his creator father is a true tribute for his noble sacrifice which draws sympathetic attention.It is a beautiful portrayal of love and respect embedded in the mind of a child and its fragrance spreads all through the story.

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    1. Thanks Sir… Really appreciate


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