The little Bird. 


bird perched on tree branch
Photo by Frank Cone on


They fell in love with each other. Their families agreed for their matrimony as well.

He made jokes with a tone of sarcasm & she used to smile even though she did not enjoy it fully. Talks turned to arguments &  then to fights.

Days passed by and their  phone conversations  became more of interrogation sessions ,before it would stop for days together.

One day,  he called up her dad to complain that their daughter needs  to behave properly without even talking to her for about a fortnight!  While the telephonic discussion went on, she had already made a decision.

Inspite of a tear, there was a smile on her face. Suddenly a bird flew flapping it’s wings in the sky. 

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  1. (Priti C) says:

    Lovely 💕👌

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