Sensuality & Vulgarity – there is a difference!

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The entertainment industry in our country is a great employment generator and serves as a podium where human emotions take form and bind people. Sometimes the movies or the web series are reflections of society and sometimes it is progressive & futuristic.

Many times it is also for sheer entertainment purposes where the focus is on the chemistry between two opposite genders or between two people who love and lust for each other. And when it comes to the Indian Film industry, songs depict so many emotions unlike any other movie industry and form an integral part of it.

Women, from time immemorial, have played an important role in giving life to many important roles that depict feminity. But most importantly they are directed by people ( both men & women ) who see them as objects that can bring profitability to a project. And when that intention takes over then morality takes a back seat. Even women agree to perform where many aesthetics are compromised when the craze to be in the game, the undying desire to be famous and rich is the driving factor.

Yes, there are demands of the script where women need to be portrayed in a manner that evokes lustful desires as per the script, yes there are instances where even the lead woman has to make her sexual desires vocal and yes there are scenes where a woman is villainous enough to make plans that are derogatory. There has also been a movie called Kamasutra where there is sensuality that is so aesthetically shot that even the audience is left spellbound. But when the thin line gets blurred between sensuality & vulgarity, it really feels sad to see the low levels of cinematic experience. As we evolve with time, should we not create finer nuances to showcase the form of art that has been close to our hearts? But with time, we witness that it has reduced to just skin -shows & vulgar double-meaning songs that our young & old generations equally consume! Is it not a time to question that to portray women in bold avatars, they do not have to shed clothes. Similarly, they must not always be shown in fully covered clothes in a scene that wants sensuality. I do not understand why is it very difficult to understand that some of the dance moves that the lead heroines showcase are pure vulgar?

India is the land of different cultures & traditions where dance & folk songs are part of life, unlike any other country, finding a charming dance move is not that difficult. Why are today’s choreographers not understand that in the craze to create viral or trending steps & clips, the whole essence is corrupted?

Instagram is full of influencers re-creating these steps, the children are encouraged to copy the same, the young girls start dancing to such music and without any realization, this vulgarity just grows in multitude. I am not against, people creating content. It is their choice! But when movie makers make such movies or songs, why can’t women be shown in a sensual, aesthetical way that serves the purpose of the script and in the meantime is not cheap or vulgar.

The concept of having lean body frames so that they can be exhibited in front of the camera in the name of art is a big problem. The earlier movies depicted that so beautifully. I agree that with times moving ahead, there are going to be changes happening. There can be bold movies showcasing eroticism & physical passion between lead characters. But one thing remains constant. Vulgarity can not be renamed as advancement in mindset and having a broad perspective.

When we talk so much about women’s empowerment, it also becomes the responsibility of women including the whole industry to create content that uplifts women in every form including their feminine sensuality.

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know!



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  1. Matheikal says:

    ‘Why can’t women be shown in a sensual, aesthetical way that serves the purpose of the script and in the meantime is not cheap or vulgar.?’ A question that needs be addressed seriously.

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    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by !


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