Book review of A letter to Tomorrow & Author Interview

Book Review        

Title of the Book:  A letter to Tomorrow

Author's Name:     Swarnali Nath

Available on:       AMAZON


About the Author:

Swarnali is a person with many talents. She is a writer, a singer, and a blogger. Her blog, The saffron Storyteller has been featured among the top 100 Mindfulness and Storytelling blogs on the web, She has also been nominated as one of the finalists in the prestigious Orange Flower Awards by Women’s Web and Author of the Year 2019 by Storymirror.

Book Cover & Title:

The book cover & title are so warm that they give out a feeling of warmth and hope. The cover has been very aesthetically created and I loved the positivity that oozes out of it.


We all go through despair in life and there are many events in life that pull us down. But what matters is how we go up from those moments of darkness to be back in action that life demands. This book is a motivational book that helps in just doing that. What I personally liked about this book is it is not a book that just preaches like any other motivational book. It is a book that acknowledges the fact that life is full of ups & downs. The concise chapters are sure to make you feel as if you are being spoken to. The simplicity of the language makes it an easy read for all age groups of readers and one can soak in all the hope and positivity that each of the chapters emanates. The amalgamation of poetic lines in a few chapters adds a unique flavor to the book. The message given is very straightforward and to the point. To be in the moment, to be grateful, and cherish the simple pleasures of life is what this book teaches.

Another feature is the author sharing a few of her own experiences that are very relatable and help the readers to feel inspired to face the dark demons that reside within all of us!

A few lines that I liked are :

At that time, the only reminder you need to whisper to yourself is, you are alive.

It’s the magic within you and, the magic is real.

Because the world is spinning and so am I

The book is available on AMAZON. and if you are looking for a quick read ( motivation genre) in just one go, then this is for you!


I had the opportunity to know the author and please read below to know more about her.

My rendezvous with the Author

Author- Swarnali Nath

1. How would you like to introduce yourself?

Ans. Hi everyone! I am Swarnali, a dreamer by heart, and a seeker by soul. I am an Engineer by education and a Content Writer by profession. Along with my full-time job, I do a lot of things associated with the writing field. I am an Author, a Blogger, Podcaster, and also a Singer.

2. How did writing happen and how has it helped you?

Ans. My grandfather introduced me to the joy of writing. I was seven years old when he gifted me a notebook and a pen and told me: “Child, I am gifting you your wings. Stretch them to fly in the sky of imagination, and write whatever your heart wants to express.” I used to write essays on random things in my notebook, and then one day, my Dadu taught me how to make a rhythm out of the mundane things. Thus I learned how to write poems in Bengali, and I started writing short poems in my notebook. Although I don’t have the notebook with me now, I copied those poems in another notebook in my high-school days, and I still have that notebook with me. I often bring out it from the bookshelf to laugh out loud like a child and travel back in time to my childhood.

Little did I know that my hobby of writing would become my savior from the mental health issues I was fighting with after many years. Writing helped me to heal my pain, cope with stress, overcome anxiety attacks, and find a ray of sunshine. Writing chose me to embark on a new journey, and now, I am evolving personally and professionally with the medium of writing.

3 . Please tell us something about your blog and The Peace Stories initiative.

A. Previously my blog’s name was The Saffron Storyteller but recently my blog met a technical glitch and somehow it survived the disaster. Now I have renamed it The Swarna Saga and turned it into my personal blog. On the other hand, I have started a new blog named Calm Tatwa where I am doing niche blogging. It’s a mindfulness, wellness, and transformation blog. Here I publish well-researched articles on mindful living, mental wellness, emotional wellness, mindsets, small acts of transformation, self-care, self-improvement, and many more. I have been featured as a top blogger in India and across the world several times.

The Peace Stories is an initiative to spread messages of hope, love, and peace. Here I collect and curate stories of kindness, transformation, self-discovery, personal winning, recovery, healing journey, and more. In the stories, there are two vital parts: The Letters Connect and The Strangers Connect. In The Letters Connect, the storytellers write letters to their younger selves. I do this with the hope that somewhere in the world, maybe these words of compassion will touch someone who is finding a way out, and help them to love themselves with self-acceptance. On the other hand, The Strangers Connect is a micro-story segment within the peace story where the storytellers share a story from the strangers they have met in their walks of life and they taught a valuable lesson to our storytellers. This part is very close to my heart because it reveals the truth that humanity has not vanished yet, it’s still present in this world. The more I read the stories of strangers, the more I feel There Is Still Room for Light, the campaign I run through my initiative.

4. How was the experience of winning The Orange Flower Award? How has it helped you?

A. Winning The Orange Flower Award is a lifetime achievement for me. I was crying when I saw my name on the awardees list and thanked the Almighty for gifting me the dream-come-true moment. The award boosted my self-confidence, helped me discover my potential, and brought me prestigious recognition in the world. I am grateful to Women’s Web and respected jury members for choosing me as the winner in the Wellness and Fitness category.

5. Please tell us about your book journey. Is any specific event that helped or motivated you to write your books? You can also share any incidents that you relate to while writing your books.

A. The moment I realized we have a light within that guides us to the walk ahead, I decided to write my first book You Are Blooming. I created the draft of the book while participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge in 2020, but edited them to bring out the book the way I dreamt it. My second book, A Letter to Tomorrow is a collection of my balcony scribbles from the Summer of 2021 when I was feeling overwhelmed due to the global pandemic and fighting my inner battles.

My sister helped me a lot when I was busy writing the books. She took care of the family responsibilities and household chores and gave me the freedom to devote my time to writing books. Also, she has contributed her digital art creations to adorn my second book with vibrant illustrations along with designing the cover of the book.

6. What are your suggestions for amateurs who want to blog or write?

A. I want to suggest you should follow the three C’s rule of blogging or writing: Creativity, Courage, and Consistency. You must nurture your creative spirit and bring authenticity to your creation. Have the courage to explore new things and keep learning at every step of this process. Be consistent in your writing habit, be it creative writing or niche blogging.

7. How important do you think is graphics in the written world today? And what are your thoughts on this?

A. I believe graphics or illustrations contribute a significant role in the written word. Personally, when writing a fictional piece, I imagine my characters and make a visionary representation in my mind. Also, sometimes I feel, the written words fail to express my thoughts delicately, but I find illustrations that express my unsaid thoughts very well. Therefore, I believe graphics or illustrations, or visual creatives hold special importance in the written world as they complement each other.

8. Who has supported you in this journey so far?

A. My parents, my sister, my fellow co-bloggers, and some close friends have relentlessly supported me in my journey so far.

9 Please tell us something about your future plans wrt writing.

A. I am working on two poetry collections and a non-fiction book right now. I am working on them simultaneously, but not investing much time as I want to write only when I have the flow of thoughts. It will take time to release these books.

10. Anything else you want to share? Please feel free to do so.

A. The blogging community has a special role in shaping me as a better human, empowering me to become fearless in my choices, and making me believe in friendship, kindness, and the power of giving. I am forever thankful to my dearest blogging community friends, and I want to convey my gratitude to them through this interview. Thank you!

I wish the author all the best in all her future endeavors!

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  1. Thank you so much for the feature, Chinmayee. This was a great opportunity to share my author journey with you. Thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity, am glad that you liked reading my book. Means a lot. Love and gratitude! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My pleasure ! It was great to have you.


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