One law that I would like to implement!

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Human beings are the most rational species of all. And yet, many times we are the sole reason for causing our own chaos. We frame laws for our own good and with time, we find loopholes in them and play around with them only because we view short-term greed over long-term benefit.

The human mind is immensely capable and yet we find it difficult to overcome greed and probably this little vice is the root cause of all evils. The greed to win, the greed to be perfect, the greed to excel, the greed to be the richest, the greed to be the best, the greed to be the most powerful and the list is never-ending. It is great to be competitive, but anything in excess leads us to choose ways that are shortcuts or easy ways and eventually lead to greater disasters.

And laws are essential. They help in maintaining a norm in society. Whether they are written down or in unwritten form, they help maintain a balance. But only if they are implemented and honored by all. Anyway, if I have the power to make a law, I would certainly want to make a law that might seem tiny but will have a major impact.

It might sound funny, but there should be a law when people who borrow books from the one who owns them, must return them without being asked to. I mean, I have personally gone through a such tough situation where my favorite books were asked and it was never returned despite asking them back.

Going back to my childhood, buying a book was a major event. There was no feature for online purchases, so we had to go to bookshops, select books of our choice, and make the purchase. And this was possible when our savings were enough and the chosen book was available. So, to make the purchase happen, the preparations actually began many months prior to the actual purchase made. And if everything matched, only then we were able to enjoy being the owner of our book.

But, some people never understood this! Some of my acquaintances wanted an easy way out and asked for the book after I had read it, only to never return it back! I mean, I as a child could never show my anger because apparently we were conditioned at home to ‘behave’ and have ‘big’ hearts and ‘help’ the needy! But this backfired, as my books were taken and never returned. Later, I developed enough courage to deny lending books, and yes, certainly got ugly remarks!

However, I feel there should be a law that would compel every borrower of books to return the book to the owner and if they fail to do so, must gift two books as a penalty to the owner. I strongly feel that this law will not only impact the behavioral aspect of many but also help us all to view books as the treasure house of knowledge and actually treat it as a treasure!

What do you think about this? Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Geethica says:

    I agree with this, Chinmayee. I also had a few friends who never bothered to return the books and if returned they were in very bad condition.

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  2. Leha says:

    This is a great law, it also increases the respect and value people place on books.

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  3. I agree. This should be implemented ASAP. I had such bad experiences with lending.


    1. Glad we think alike 😌

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    2. Seriously! Buying and owning your favourite books is such a pleasure and privilege! But some people just borrow and never return! Or even worse, they return it damaged!

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      1. Glad you agree with me !


  4. Matheikal says:

    As a lover of books who has lost many to borrowers, i wholeheartedly endorse this proposal.

    Btw, congrats on winning the trophy this week. πŸ’₯

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    1. Thank you so much sir . Means a lot coming from you !


  5. I hope this reaches the top level and we get to see it in amendment soon πŸ˜€

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  6. Seriously, I lost two books like this and to make matters worse, they don’t remember where they put it. So annoying. I don’t mind asking for the book back, but misplacing is a whole different issue!!

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