Looped in Long Distance

Photo by Cristian Dina on Pexels.com

The sky looked crystal clear. A deep blue canopy above with clouds appeared as floating bundles of cotton just looked like a beautiful canvas that has been painted by a master painter . The pink-colored bougainvilias that delicately swayed above the large steel gate, the main entrance looked like little beads of pink pearls. The garden was small with just one small portion which had a grass cover and there were just very few shrubs of roses planted. They had buds that were about to bloom. It was a perfect Sunday morning for the entire Mishra Family.

Post retirement had made Mishra Babu slip into his younger days, yes when he was young and wasted time …royaly ! He did aspire to write a book, but then ended up reading messages and drafting creative goodmorning messages on his new found love … the whatsapp! He sat on his armchair in the portico and had almost put his parrot like nose into his large phone with a thick leather case that opened like a book.

Mrs. Mishra never knew what is retirement! Well, an early marriage then an early motherhood within the very first year of her marriage had never given her time to have any time for herself. She did not realise when her kids grew up & when she transcended from youth to having silver streaks of hair. She would somehow invent work if it was not their, thanks to her being a workaholic. So, now that she did not have to send her children to school or college , she had devoted all her energy towards her Puja and her Puja room had been a place where she spent most of her time. Today being sunday, she had taken the decision of re arranging her Puja room.

“Pakoda & Chai nahi milaga aaj kya” ( will there be no tea & snacks today or what?),asked Mishra ji.

“Han , Han ban jaega bas thodi der mein( Yes ,yes, it will soon be prepared) “, promptly answered Mrs. Mishra.

Mishra ji nodded & yawned while scratching his big bloated tummy.

Sometimes, both Mishra ji & Mrs. Mishra did not have any common subject to talk apart from talking about food, requirements of the house & about their only child , Avni!

Avni, their only daughter who mostly locked herself in her own room after coming back from her office had always very less to speak . Without any siblings probably had an impact on her and she loved her own company more than anything. Avni with her voluptuous appearance and an intelligent mind always drew attention, be it anywhere. One of her trait was to speak very less . Even at home , she would just come out of her room to either announce something or pass on any information.

But , today there was something different! She had a smile on her face ever since she had woken up from sleep. She had been basking un the winter sun, roaming around in the garden , offering to help her mother prepare snacks. And this behaviour had helped Mishra ji & Mrs. Mishra have a connect though only through eyes, when they both looked at each other with raised eye brows wondering if everything was alright with their daughter.

“Maa, I have to say something . Sunil has proposed to me , finally! And I too said yes. It all happened yesterday evening and it was a surprise! He has also convinced his family. They want the marriage to happen within next three months. And I think, that is okay. what do you think?,” asked Avni, holding the pallu of her Mother.

” What, Sunil? The one who is currently posted in Chennai, right? So, you said yes as well? Are you sure you do not want to complete your probation period in your job?”

Why? I will continue working as it is .No, changes on the work front. Why does work have to suffer , because we will get married?

But, do you not want to move in to a same house after getting married , like everyone? How will you make your marriage work?

“Maa, No way ! We are perfect the way we are. We talk so much all the time. There has never been any gap on the communication front too. Anyway, I already get summer vacations in my work and I can be with him then. Rest we will see how to manage. It is going to be a blissful log distance marriage for sure. We both have agreed on it also. And we don’t want kids . So, that is settled. Anyway , Sunil wanted to speak personally with you & Papa in the morning. But he developed a slight acidity . So may be he will facetime in the evening. what say?”

Mrs. Mishra raised her eyebrows first to realise that her little kid has actually grown up. And she did not understand a bit about this modern day relationship that her daughter narrated. But , she did realise that probably she had been staying close to her husband yet was in a very long distant relationship with Mr. Mishra. She does not even remember, when did they last had a ten minute heart to heart gossip.

She looked on as her daughter danced back to her room, her happiness quite evident and looked above , closed her eyes & said a little prayer.



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  1. Tarang says:

    That’s a very interesting take. I feel it might work, in real life too, now that people are mostly self engrossed. It can give much needed space. And anyway, if you love someone, you find a way.

    Very nice story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Tarang ♥️.

      I agree love can always find a way.


  2. gynaescape says:

    Your story is simple at the same time keeps readers engrossed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 🥰


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