O’ Moon

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

I looked at you

in awe, mesmerized by your beauty

you adorn the night sky

and look everything looks shiny

with your silver rays

you surely know how to transform

The world sees you change

shape, go through cycles

and applaud the process

tell me a secret today,

tell me if it hurts you ever

to change yet never change the cycle

to evolve yet never break the barrier

The lovers look at you and long

The loners look at you and wonder

The kids look at you and get all the answer

O ‘ moon,

you are sure a magic ball,

devoid of own light,

you still create

enigma lasting centuries

Tonight, you shine bright

You smile at me & so do I

I close my eyes

and say a wish

O’ moon

teach me lessons

to go through any pain

to adapt, evolve & shine

to realize the magic within!



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  1. Arti Jain says:

    This grabbed me : “to change yet never change the cycle”– there’s wisdom in these words–the eternal question of regeneration in the mundane–How one tackles this conundrum informs the quality of ones life.
    Happy Birthday Chinmayee:) Keep writing your heart out.


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