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Hola friends !!

March , the third month of the year is here ! It’s close to one year since the world almost shut down due to the Pandemic last year (2020). A lot changed, lives metamorphosed, some for good , some for worse! However , life went on as it always does, just like time which flows like an incessant river! That is one universal truth , isn’t it?

So, there are many thoughts that I would like to share, but I want to begin the month with a positive note, ignoring all the tragedies that have been happening all around. And I have been wanting so badly to write my feelings about it. But not today!! Let’s welcome a new month with some new spirit and hope, yes, hope is important because it has always personally helped me stay sane in crucial phases. I am sure this word and the sound that we produce while saying it has some deep meaning to it. Whenever I write or say this particular word HOPE, I imagine a ‘halo’ for some unknown reason! I don’t know if others too associate some words with some inanimate object or not. Well, I do , not with all words, but for a few certainly !!

So, this month , there is going to be a lot of writing and I might have to make some extra time space to accommodate for my passion of creation . The next month is A2Z challenge and that will again be very hectic, if not planned from now and even I quickly want to write my next book. I already have a vague idea about what kind of story I want to build , but I have to find and create the building blocks around it. I have ventured into a very demanding segment but I need to understand the dynamics of this segment and till then I will go slowly in this direction.

About Personal goals , yes that is on but it will probably be on a more structured manner from now on . Fingers crossed !!And reading of course will happen which has been happening at a very dismal pace and I am very disappointed with myself !! well, well ,well Rule no 1- Not to blame myself is my motto, for this year !! So, I will pat my back even if I fail sometimes and again try to do better ! To put a smile on your face I composed a Hindi poem , titled MARCH a short one and I am linking it here for you all to listen :-)Hope you all will like it !!



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