Pebbles On Paper- Book Review and Rendezvous with the Author.

Pebbles On Paper- A collection of poems, thoughts & many things more!

A poet’s work … to name the unnameable, to point at frauds, to take sides, start arguments, shape the world, and stop it from going to sleep. ~Salman Rushdie

I picked up this book just as any other poetry book only to realize later, how much depth it carried within! And I am so glad to have chosen this book because not only did I enjoy the thoughts behind the book but I got to interact at a much closer level with the author of the book and over time we shared many interactions about life and it’s various aspects. Every session was full of joyful and memorable conversations filled with inspirational thoughts to live life on ones terms. The book , I can say is a reflection of the author’s personality ! Its simple yet powerful; lucid in narration yet makes you pause & ponder with it’s thought provoking content; carries an individual’s story yet it connects with the masses! So, let’s find out more about the book and get to know the author from close quarters as well. ( Q & A below)

Book Title–  Pebbles On Paper

Author’s Name– Swati Khatri

About the Author–  The Author is a creative soul who loves to express herself through her poetry , quotes, her publications, her musings and in many other ways. She is a multi dimensional personality who has contributed articles in local publications, and has then gone on to write at ‘The Tribune‘ as a contributing journalist for their weekly supplement. She also has the honor of hosting a couple of radio shows with All India Radio as an announcer. Her anecdotes have found a place in Reader’s Digest and that completely showcases a different facet of the author . Yes, you can have one to explore yourself ! You can find her published work here. She can be reached at : website/Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram.

Narration:  The narration is very lucid and thoughts are presented in an articulate manner. The book is divided into twelve parts . The first part is about Reflections that has been inspired by life and the way one experiences it. The next part is dedicated to Self love, Art and Motivation. The last part showcases some thoughts of the Author that anyone can relate with!

Content:  We all experience pain at some point in life because without pain life is incomplete! As human beings we all aspire to experience a pain free life though! How contrary, isn’t it? So, every individual sets on a different path when faced with any life changing obstacle. Now that path can be either a destructive path or a constructive one depending on the individual and his /her perspective towards life. A path which is constructive sometimes finds refuge in art ! Art that expresses, art that transfers one to a different world, art that transpires ! This book is a lyrical representation of this very thought apart from highlighting other aspects of life.This book talks about pain, healing , love , anxiety and many things in between in a poetical version and in its own unique way!! It feels like the book speaks to you because the emotions displayed resonate with the readers and the feelings they undergo in their day to day life are so relatable for anyone who has believed in not giving up in spite of facing adverse situations. The poems are uplifting, compel you to look within and give you hope ! The graphics and the representation style , though simple in nature, do add to the charm of the book in an elegant manner . Though there were many favorite lines, the below lines touched my heart specially.

When it was converted to art,
I saw how much was held in my heart,
It was only after I started to heal,
I realized why art is such a big deal.

Now I know why art has this appeal,
Because it lets the layers of pain freely peel.
Art makes it look like a strength,
No matter the artist confesses at what length.

So, why wait ? Please grab your copy from the below links!

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My Interview with the beautiful & talented Author

Author of the Book: Swati Khatri

Please tell us something about yourself

  • I completed my PG in fashion retail management from Pearl Academy of Fashion
  • Did a certificate course in creative writing from British Council of India
  • I am most comfortable in the company of books
  • Can be found reading books, recommending books, discussing books, looking for books and buying more books.
  • Also love buying junk jewelry and latest lip shades😊

Please tell us something about your writing journey

I have always loved writing but forgot all about it growing up. I had been raised in a way that conditioned me into believing that writing is not a mainstream career.

It all started that fateful day when the interviews started happening for our campus placements. I remember I woke up in the morning and felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I disregarded as stress and went for the interview. Just to return in the evening to realize that I was not able to stand on my own feet. That was strange.

Soon I was diagnosed with tuberculosis. And that is when it all started.I couldn’t do anything.  And then it started; two years of doctor visits, heavy medications, physical pain. But one thing I realized was that even though I was not able to do anything I could still write.

I remember the first thing I wrote when I was in pain was a sad piece. It was written by a disappointed young girl who did not know if she will survive the ordeal or not. I did not know if I will be able to go out to work, to date, or spend some fun evenings with my friends ever again.

Yes, it was sad but I will say there was something in it that made me feel at ease that I went back to my pen and paper the very next day. It seemed I felt better after expressing myself. I will say more than expressing, it was about accepting my emotions. I had not accepted it till then that I was in pain. That I was battling a chronic illness.

At that time some days I woke up hopeful with a will to fight with that illness. Some days I woke up completely disconnected with myself and did not want to think about it. Most of the poems were written during the healing journey of those two years. Specially the poem feelings, I wrote it when I was feeling very intense.

Today it feels like a reincarnation. I think I am lucky to be able to survive and see the world again. While I know many don’t survive such an illness. I am really lucky to have got a chance at life again. And I would like to spend it creating art.

And yes, as you come towards the end of the book you will see there are poems about things which I was dealing with right after I was cured of TB. So that’s how you can read about love and dating and things that millennials are facing these days 😊

‘Pebbles on Paper , Why this particular title? Please tell us something about how the idea of the book, got conceptualized

Life is like the deep sea, which rests on the shore and pebbles are emotions accumulated over time. That’s why I named the book, “Pebbles on Paper.”  I will say “Pebbles on Paper” sums up my journey with healing, surviving and thriving. As I always say that these poems are different pebbles from the shore of life.

You have written for distinguished publications like the Tribune. Please share some experience in this regard.

I will say I am very lucky to have got the chance to work with some great mentors in the industry. As I say it is a matter of destiny for me, I never knew that I will take writing as a career.  So, everything happened very naturally to me. And yes, thanks to Ms. Geetu Vaid who gave me a chance to write for The Tribune.  

Is there any genre that you focus on or want to write in future?

All genres fascinate me especially thriller. I remember how as a kid; thriller movies gave me goosebumps. I also love reading love stories. Anyways if you grew up in India you grew up loving them. So that’s no surprise. Thanks to our Bollywood!

What has been your inspiration to write the current book and your expectation from it?

To be honest, I wrote this book at a stage, when I had to make some promises to myself. These are the things I needed to remind myself and I am glad so many of my readers related to it. They say these are the things they wanted to remind themselves too and the book makes it easier for them to do so. Some even say it’s a self-help book for them.

My expectation would be that my book reaches more and more people and can help them find solace.

How do you ideate upon the theme & what has been the driving force behind the poetic landscapes in your poems in your recent book?

I go with the flow. Writing, especially writing poetry is therapeutic to me. It won’t work so well if I plan it. I just let it flow of what I feel at the moment.  That’s why I have so many poems for different moments of life.

Who do you think are your target audience and what can readers expect from your book?

I think this book is for everyone. For the ones who like to ponder on life. And the ones who might be looking for some solace.  Also, the ones who will like to have a soothing read while they take a bus home.

Please share your favorite part of the book or an excerpt which has touched your heart.

 I am what I feel,
This is something no one can steal.
Some feelings make me weak,
Others make me reach out for the peak.
These are both good and ugly,
All of these are packed so snuggly.
Some feelings need to stay,
Some need to be washed away.
There are different layers to each,
 I want to be honest to all of these.
This is what I intend,
I just want to be content.

What motivates you to write & how do you envision your writing journey in the future?

I think life motivated me to write. And I write about things that make me think.

Some people think I write sad poetry but it’s not like that. I write about things that make me feel. If you read the book you will see that the narration of the book is overall very positive.

Any message that you want to give to your readers.

We all heal differently. So, if my words don’t work for you don’t be harsh on yourself.

Also, I am not romanticizing pain in any way. I am not saying that pain makes you an artist. Pain neither creates you nor changes you. Yes, it helps you meet yourself because let’s accept it when all doors of the world are closed, art still opens its doors to us.

You don’t have to be sad to be an artist. You can be happy in your life and still create beautiful art.

And yes,

Keep reading!

Pebbles on Paper (Paper Back Edition)

So, I hope you would have all loved reading the above article . I am touched by the Zeal Power of the Author to make it happen despite her severe illness. I wish Ms. Swati all the best for all her future endeavors !And yes, before I sign off, Thank You , Ms. Swati for agreeing to this interview and giving me your precious time!!

Dear Readers, let me know your thoughts & feedbacks.



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