The Wait !!

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She waited impatiently for him to return from office. She looked at the watch . It was already 9:30 pm. Agitated she went into the kitchen to finish the left over work and make some arrangements for the next day. She kept looking out continuously through the kitchen window to get a glimpse of him.

“Well, why is he late today? He promised to come early after work today . Well, I guess his meeting got extended! But even I had a tough day at work! I had to complete my procurement for the overseas shipment anyhow today! Sorry, I should not be comparing!! He will be here any minute !! He might be taking time in selecting the right gift I guess! She blushed while thinking about her husband !

They had been married recently and though gifting was not something that ever defined their relationship but Sakshi could not help contain her excitement today. Yes today being the first Valentine Day post marriage! She had wanted to be pampered today , to be felt like a lady in their very casual and friendly relationship. Well she had all the right as a dutiful wife who made all efforts to make her man stand out by acknowledging his traits and tried hard t ignore his flaws! It was hard but she put in her best ! Today , her heart did not listen to her mature preachings! She needed her man to make her feel as the woman of her dreams not just a mere partner!

” Ting Tong”. The door bell rang and she went running to open the door. With a big grin she opened the door and welcomed her man. He seemed tired from the day’s grind. She took the laptop bag off his shoulder and switched on the AC seeing him in sweat.

She rushed to the kitchen and brought in a glass of water with the right amout of cold water mixed with water at the normal temperature. He drank it and went to the washroom casually asking,

What’s for dinner tonight?

I made Chapati, Paneer Kadhai and Gajar Halwa today, She said smiling all along.

Ohh That’s awesome. You are the best. Gajar ka halwa is my favourite and you make it just the way I like it! He said with a sense of happiness and went into the bathroom to freshn up.

She smiled and laid out the dinner making an effort to garnish the home cooked food to make it look extra appetising!

May be he has forgotten that today is a special day! May be! He would have hugged me by now, had he remebered! She kept thinking !

They had dinner and talked about not so important events that marked the day. Seeing him behave completely normal, she was sure that her man has absolutely forgotten about today ! Well, it was not a big deal, every day is a day of love . Now that they are married, these things do not mean anything. after all, these are just western concepts. We as Indians just copy everything from the West. That’s sad ! Her mind was clouded with thoughts and soon she prepared to sleep. Next day was a big day, She had to make the presentation in front of her General Manager and the entire board, answer all their queries and only then her request for new indent of new stock would be sanctioned.

She sat in front of the Dressing table to apply her moisturizer and night cream, still lost in thoughts!

Hey my darling……. catch!

She heard his man say and as a reflex caught the packet hurled at her as she always did , given the fact that she had an athletic background.

Before anything , she smiled and thanked that at least he remebered and got her a gift! She hurriedly opened her arm to check what it was!

A packet of Condoms!!

She looked at him and see him give her a lustful smile making it clear that he wanted to have a playful time!

She smiled hesitantly!

That night , they made love while their bodies swayed rhythmically . Anything that was out of rhythm was her heart, her feelings, her emotions. After their tiring session, he fell asleep peacefully while she could not stop the tears from flowing ! It just did not stop!! A silent scream escaped from her lungs!! She felt reduced to a piece of flesh. But why what was wrong in it ? Nothing !! But there was nothing right in it as well, she said to herself!!

Unable to sleep, she tossed and turned on the bed. It was at the break of the dawn, that she found herself sitting near the window waiting for the Sun to rise, for a new beginning, for again hoping to get the desired love, for being respected when the layer of clothing is taken off, for being felt from within the corners of her heart and not just skin…. She waited !!

Love ,


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