February Musings

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Hola Friends,

so a new month has arrived ! Nothing new , right? Time is like a river, it flows and brings change . Well I identify with this change , this month for its a month that made my existence possible . Happy? No I don’t just feel happy, I just connect with it . This feels something like my own ! Even this feeling was missing but I now am again trying to get it in my heart again. I have something in my mind that I want to put it across in the below mentioned points to keep the post crisp this time.

1- Consistency :I have realized that even creativity needs discipline and sometimes a lot of effort. Being an Aquarius I find it very very difficult to be bound by anything ! Mood Swings and relying to create something when I want to has been the norm till now . I think this needs to be change .As nothing comes easy, even a hobby needs to be consistently worked upon and hence I have decided to write daily, however short but I will pen down my thoughts even if it means a small paragraph, a micro- tale, a three liner etc… whatever! I undertake to read a lot this year .I want to compile few poems and probably write a novella if not a novel this year! Keeping my fingers crossed.

2- Procrastination: This has been my biggest enemy and I still find it hard on certain days to maintain the rhythm. I have no solution to this and all I can say is to work on my self motivation to keep this at bay.

3- Engagement: Being in Creative field , one needs readers and connoisseurs and that can only happen with engagement with the right target group. Again this needs a lot of time , energy and effort. I currently suck at it as I hate any other social media except Twitter and that’s not going to work. So with a big sigh I do have to indulge on other platforms. I also need to explore Medium which I have been ideating for so long!

4- Personal Wellbeing: I find it easier to love than demand being loved, to give rather than ask, to worry about the macro and forget the micro “me” . The focus needs to shift and I can be again be absolutely happy with February. Every single malign is baseless now. To take care of my own health and mental peace is one priority area . Self – love is still a very difficult terrain for me . But , hey I am trying !

5- Personal Goals: There are certain goals that I aspire to chase , well again , yes again! I want to enjoy the journey and not just breathless run towards the destination. There are some places that I want to visit , may be solo travel ( on vacation : though official solo visits have always been there )is one area that I want to explore, to write on varied genres and experiment with my writing pattern. This phase of acceptance has happened after a long and difficult time and I believe , there are stars up above knowing every secret that I have hidden within this heart and may be they will bless me one day , guide me on the right path, connect me with true ones !

Until then, I shall keep a smile on my face and count my blessings , to try and see what I have and may be complain less about what is missing ! I will always keep my loved ones in my prayers and wish few hearts do pray for me as well !!



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  1. Atulmaharaj says:

    Consistency is required in whatever you do whether professional or personal. And I’m already seeing your post some amazing couplets on Twitter almost every day, so I guess you’ve achieved it!

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by , Atulji ! Absolutely agree, I have been only creating as per my mood and when a story compels me to write it. It’s still just a hobby which I am still not consistently engaging is what I feel . Twitter couplets are just a tiny little thing , but nonetheless it has started and I need to go beyond it for sure . Your encouragement means a lot 😊

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  2. Sonal Davesar says:

    I am falling short of words at this moment after glancing through your amazing short write-ups. I wonder where I will be after I complete reading all of them. Too good! Incredible is the word, in fact that too is underrated for the marvellous work you have been doing now. You are going to shine even more my dear friend with all these achievements. Good luck!!

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    1. I am immensely thankful for your interest in my blog and grateful that you took time out of your busy schedule for this.Your each word of encouragement means a lot to me ! Lots of love my dear friend ❤️.


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