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America, world’s oldest democracy elected today Mr. Joe- Biden as their president and Ms . Kamala Harris as their Vice President (Elect). The internet is flooded with articles with all facts , figures and data about every thing you need to know and this post is not a repeat version of the same.

This post is about the euphoric wave of emotion sweeping across the US and the repercussions being felt in almost all the nations, the effects though may vary in their quantum! But certainly there is a lot of change of emotions in a lot of hearts. For the overall victory of the Democratic party defeating the incumbent President Mr. Donald Trump.

Let’s focus on the ascend of Ms. Kamala Harris to the post of the Vice president for today’s discussion. There have been many women State Heads earlier in many countries like Ms. Indira Gandhi ( India), Ms. Margaret Thatcher (UK), Ms. Benazir Bhutto ( Pakistan), Ms. Khaleda Zia ( Bangladesh), Ms. Chandrika Kumaratunga ( Srilanka) , Ms. Tsai Ing-wen ( Taiwan), Ms. Jacinda Arden ( New Zealand )and the list goes on! Then what is this all unnecessary noise about Ms. Harris winning , one may ask.

To answer this question , one can just ask them to look back in history to see the innumerous fights and sacrifices that women have suffered to be treated just as equal to their male counterparts . And here today , a woman of color , having immigrant history has been able to break the year long glass ceiling in one of the World’s powerful country by being the first ever woman to be elected as a vice president of the USA! Now , if this victory does not evoke any feeling of triumph in the hearts of anyone trying to prove a point in life, I don’t know what will?

Internet Trolls are common and there are many comments from the perennial sarcastic nerds saying, something happening in another nation has got nothing to do with a person residing in another nation. Well, then in today’s interconnected and interwoven world, if this massive geo-political change fails to affect us then , probably ignorance is bliss would stand true in each and every perspective! But we all know that that’s not the fact, because how would we again have “Knowledge is Power” as a rightful reminder then?

It took more than 200 years to break a glass ceiling that always reminded that women do not fit a specific position and lack skills to handle such critical job roles. It is a moment to celebrate because, may be only a single person has been elected today, but it is a reflection of many many years of struggle against the resistance that women have been facing from such a long time. Fighting traditions, customs , beliefs, the very fact that women are second class citizens has never been easy and many a times the struggle is invisible and inevitable as well. The lower layers of the strata in the society face problems arising out of ignorance or lack of knowledge where as the upper echelons face resistance due to age old customs of family traditions, because of which women have been facing age old resistance.

So, many a times, we take it for granted when a woman puts herself at the back seat so that the men in the family put their best foot forward. A newly married woman easily quits her job to be with her spouse, a married woman sometimes quit her aspirations to cater to the needs of her husband, a mother easily chooses a non- demanding profession to take care of her child and so on. No, I am not saying that this is wrong in any way or bringing in a feminist- patriarchal issue here .

The point in question is when a single win portrays that no post , position or situation is suitable only for just one specific gender, then it brings in the factor of equal opportunities which needs to be rejoiced , no matter what! The equality aspect that has always been so hard to achieve for women in general since time immemorial.

The dreams that little girls see today in any corner of the world has got meaning and is not subject of hoax. So, here is my applaud for the shattering of one of the toughest glass ceiling in the world and I raise a toast to the moment ,when Ms. Kamal Harris has proved that it’s POSSIBLE!

Below is the YouTube video of Ms. Kamala Haris Addressing .

Love ,


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  1. sinjanag says:

    well written. It’s important to note that it’s people and her party who saw the value in her to make “Biden-Harris for 2020” victory and not just Biden. Her contribution to the campaign has been crucial in this victory and I hope so will be her role in policy making

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    1. Absolutely Sinjana ! I completely agree with you. She needs to make an impact and I think she will!!


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