Waves of Fantasy

Photo by Hernan Pauccara on Pexels.com

The waves touched my feet,

reminding me of your sensuous touch,

that transformed me from a bud to a flower,

the feeling of belonging to you,

the feeling of owning you,

The waves of emotions start to dance,

when you & I transport to the world of trance,

the water recedes touching me once,

teasing me just like you

when you touch my soul,

with just your seductive glance,

sets the high tides to soar higher,

giving wings to deep-rooted fantasies,

creating benchmarks for elevated ecstasies,

You are the ocean where I want to merge,

dancing like waves is my only strongest urge !

NB: This poem is written for submission towards the Pratilipi Poetry marathon and is inspired by nature



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