The Maple Leaf

Photo by Marta Dzedyshko on

 Atutumn, the season of fall 

    looks elegantly beautiful of all

    when I  take the path of the nature’s trail,

    I see the beauty of leaves sized tiny & small,

    Scattered in the shades of brown  & orange hues,

    unique & magical and saying stories of  varied colors,

    I sit under the maple tree and hear voices & songs,

    of forbidden love,passionate affairs or darkest desires,

   The maple leaf looks pretty whether on the tree or on the ground,

   May be its  also beauty to stand out in the crowd

  with its unique pattern & distinct design it does not fit at all,

  Let’s accept ourselves who don’t fit in as maple leaf is perhaps the signal !

NB: This poem is written for the poetry marathon and is inspired by nature!



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