In the Shower …

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It was holiday and there was no need to rush for the office today. She was in a relaxed mood and all she wanted was a hot water bath which she had been planning for so long but paucity of time never allowed her to.

She walked into the bathroom, the geyser had been set to allow her to have a perfect hot bath that she had been craving for long . She undressed herself and stood below the shower. The water fell and touched her bare skin. She closed her eyes and looked up while slowly swiping her long tresses back with her two hands. Looking down , she looked at her own body . She realised , she had started crying already. Her tears got mixed in the shower water and there was no need to wipe it. She closed her eyes and every thing came fresh in her memory.

The day she made first made love , the day she first gave a part of her existence to her better half. Women , generally are a bundle of emotions. They don’t see love making as just a pleasure seeking activity like their counterparts. The involvement is at a much deeper level and the emotions are purest of all. Like most of them, she had formed a bond during love making with her beloved ,because little did she know that it would all end in tragedy. The bond had broken long back but the scars still needed to heal.

When things fell apart, she had blamed her decisions , cursed her intuition for deceiving her and at some point had even harmed her own body because it felt impure. She would see her skin burn in the sun and not apply sun- screen lotion, she would see herself putting on weight and still not take care. It’s not because she had lost mental balance. People have different ways of handling stress. Her way was inflicting pain on herself for her Inner self considered herself an accused and not a victim.

Years have passed and she had fought with so many varied situations that she herself had now lost count. But it felt different today. The day she signed the papers, every thing ended ,right! She thought to herself.

She looked at herself again. Yes this body belongs to her. Her own skin, her own image. She looked in the mirror and wiped her tears. It is she now. Just she with her own self. She promised to own up her body once again. Give it the love, attention and care it deserved! She had started accepting the fact that it was not her fault .

The shower felt warm and soothing and she looked at herself in the mirror again and looked into her own eyes that told her to calm down, own herself up first and work towards developing herself physically , emotionally and spiritually.



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