The fields of Gold

Photo by Pixabay on

Across the by lanes as we drive,

The golden carpet stretches across,

Both sides till the end of the horizon

& till you can lay your vision

Dancing along with the speed of the wind

Rhythmically swaying their heads,

Symbolizing the sweat & toil of the hands

That tends them with care, hope & patience,

 The Crop fields signify the dignity of labor,

It’s the identity of a hardworking farmer,

The backbone of an agricultural nation,

Without whom there is no ration,

The farmers may not get what they deserve,

Taking precaution so that we never starve,

Are the crop fields a thing beauty session,

Or do they (today), also demand our attention?

NB: This poem is written for the Pratilipi poetry marathon & is inspired by nature.



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