Sky, that is so high!

Photo by Lachlan Ross on

A vast space of nothingness,

spread across thousands of miles,

layer after layer it just unfurls,

covered in shades of blue often,

it resembles a blue blanket that’s stolen,

decorated with moving fluffy clouds,

as distant as it may seem to conquer,

gives hope of a protective layer,

turning colors at sunset or sunrise,

with its magnificent crimson hues,

 the onset of rains makes it dark & grey,

fear sets in & it’s hard to believe that everything is okay,

after the spell, it looks  all the more clearer,

sometimes a rainbow makes it look prettier,

 the sky that is so up above & so very high,

turns completely dark when the night greets a ‘hi’,

lit with tiny little stars shinning all along,

the moon glitters singing a melancholy song,

I want to belong to the sky,

infinite spaces I want to fly,

exploring orbs that are new & exciting 

discovering myself while becoming an upgraded being!  

NB: This poem is written for submission towards the Pratilipi poetry marathon and is inspired by nature!



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