You, Me & Dawn!

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The time stands still & the moment freezes,

after the night recedes while the day awaits,

that’s when you dawn upon me,

touching me when we entwine in our dreams,

magically interweaving fantasies,

hand in hand we walk along ,

soaking in the daybreak glory, 

filled with aspirations of a brighter day ,

 a bond that is so pure and sure to shine away,

you make me glow  when the first light hits hard,

filling me with warmth after the torturous night’s blizzard,

our eyes meet and I shy away very soon,

I see myself in your vision resembling the beautiful dawn,

you  embrace me in your arms & caress my scars,

making me forget that I was bruised once with labeled marks,

you & I look like the silhouette against the first rays of the sun,

dream it is or is it my reality ,is not for me to question,

I close my eyes tightly again wanting you to be just mine! 

Note: This poem is for Pratilipi Poetry Marathon and all my poems will be inspired by nature!



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