Spotlight on”Tarane -Dil ke sitar se” ( Hindi Poetry Book )& Author QnA

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Poetry is the language of the heart . It travels from one and reaches the other. It is like those ripples in the water that are caused due to slight alterations on the surface of the water. Similarly, poetry takes its inception when the heart experiences feelings deeply and wants to convey it in its very own way!

Poetess Chitra Roy has come up with her new Poetry Book Titled: Tarane ( Dil Ke Sitar Se). This book is a collection of beautiful Hindi Poems that weave a plethora of emotions! Indulge in this book and you are sure to sink in the pool of feelings that we all experience in moments that we come across in our lives . It’s just that some can express it and some just go through it. But when you pick up this book and get immersed in the lyrical journey that the poetess has beautifully carved out, you understand the layers of sentiments that the poet has presented in the form of poems and can not hold but sing praises for her narration style. I personally believe, we can never review or analyze poetry in the first place because of it’s fragile nature of portraying intricate vivid expressions. Hence I am sharing some of the excerpts below for you to indulge and decide for yourself. For all Hindi Poem lovers , this is a must!

Please do not forget to read the Q & A below with the Author of the book.

Links to get this book: Amazon / Notion Press

Excerpt 1
Excerpt 2
Excerpt 3

My Q & A with the multi-dimensional Author: Chitra Roy

  • Please tell us something about yourself.

I am Chitra Roy,  from Kolkata, West Bengal. I am a Youtuber, Motivational speaker, Author, Podcaster, Child counselor, Family mediator. I belive in living life properly instead of anyway.

  • Please tell us something about your writing journey.

My writing journey is quite interesting,  I use to write poetry in my college time but in between 17 years I have not written any poetry. I have written two books in last two years ” Chitransh” and “Tarane”.

  •  What attracts you to write poetry?

I feel great to give answer of this question because I think this is my favorite question. I have put different colours of thoughts which raised in my heart in shape of words infront of you. This is possible because I never tried to feel low or make joke of any of my emotions nor feel ashamed but gave importance to them. My thoughts inspired me to write poetry.

  • Is there any genre that you focus on or want to write in future?

           I tried to show my thoughts through simple words so the one who reads them can feel my feelings easily, which I present through my poetry.

In future I want to show the world the meaning of truth and simplicity that one can get easily in there life. Imagination is just illusion.

  • What has been your inspiration to write the current book and your expectation from it?

There is no such inspiration to write the current book. I love to write poetries.

I hope that this book will reached to everyone and my thoughts can touch the hearts of all.

  • Where did you find the inspiration to create such beautiful poetic expressions?

There are few people in my life who loves and care for me. There love and faith is the source of inspiration to me. For this, an important person, whose name is Shubham, I sincerely thank him who inspired me to write and always boosted my morale.

  • Who do you think are your target audience and what can readers expect from your book?

This book is for everyone and I hope that the readers can find the journey of beautiful life through my poems.

  • Please share your favorite part of the book or an excerpt which has touched your heart.

Every portion of this book is my favorite and I can’t chose any one of them because all are equal to me.

  • What motivates you to write & how do you envision your writing journey in the future?

My positive thoughts inspire me to write poetry. I will continue with fact and positivity in future.

  • Why did you choose to focus on motivational speech? Please tell us something about your blog and your you-tube channel.  What are your future plans in this sphere?

          I focus on motivational speeches because I thought many people don’t know about some special aspects of life. They get tangled in trying to solve those problems. I want to show right path to them through my speeches and helping them to get out from there problems in life.

 My blog name is “Inspiring talks”. In this i share many things like motivational articles, poetries, Shayaries etc.

My Youtube channel name is “Chitra Roy Motivational Speaker”. In this channel I have many segments like motivational speeches, vlogs, book reviews, poetry, Bhagwat Gita videos and many more interesting videos to watch out.

All of my work has only one aim that is to “Help people to make there life better

  • Contact Information (Social media handles):


Blog:- ChitraRoyOfficial






Note: The excerpts from the book are copy right protected and copying it in any form may attract legal actions.

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