Booze & Babes!




“Goa it is, then…final? I will just leave you guys if you change the destination,” announced Viki.

“Ok ok, this time it is Goa then.”  Rafi declared looking at Reehan and gave a high five with Ajay.

Viki was an introvert and his safe paradise was his friend’s circle comprising of Rafi, Reehan & Ajay. Rafi & Viki were school friends but Reehan & Ajay became close buddies in college. They went on to become the epitome of friendship  in college and founded a start-up focusing on  AI  ( Artificial Intelligence) applications. The venture Capitalist had just funded the start-up and the required seed capital was granted. Of course, this was not a small feat and the four had slogged a lot for the past two and a half years. This had taken a toll on their personal relationships and many other personal issues as well.

Viki had undergone a break up with his long time girlfriend , Avantika. It had been hard. They had been close enough that even their marriage plans were doing rounds in their families. But Viki & his friends were very clear about making their dream a success. There was absolutely no doubt in their mind to make any sacrifice to be successful. And their sacrifices were slowly paying off.  So it was all for the best.

The Goa-vacation was a much-needed one and they needed it badly to recharge, rewind and rejuvenate.  So, bags were packed & tickets were booked.  The moment the plane touched ground at  Dabolim  Airport, the boys were elated and couldn’t hold back their excitement.

“Goa…. it is …. woohoo… I am just going to let loose man,” screamed Rafi while taking the taxi to their hotel  In North Goa. Reehan & Ajay had already started searching for the best nightclubs in the area on their phones. Viki, seated near the driver seat put his head out of the window and let the air pass by on his face. It felt amazing to soak in the sunkissed Goan atmosphere.

Though they were tired from their journey, the youth has its own power and the adrenalin rush was just too much to handle. So they ventured out in the early evening on their rented bikes on the beautiful roads of Goa towards the beaches. Bike Rides are fun but bike rides in Goa are something totally different. The air is free and the beautiful Portuguese architecture influxed with Mughal art gives a unique appearance to the buildings and the whole township. The atmosphere is lazy and laid back exactly contrast to the ever maddening rush of Mumbai where Viki & his friends were based at currently & were working on the project. They covered it all; Calangute, Vagator & Anjuna. At Baga Beach, Ajay just went all into the sea and so did all of them.  The water was cold and it felt like washing away all the tension from the body. It felt not less than a paradise!

The beaches in North Goa are quite crowded and it’s difficult to find a place to rest properly. But who cares? These four had come to go crazy and have a blast. So nothing really mattered. Goa never fails to amaze one with it’s unparalleled charm. Be it the cheap liquor with a low percentage of alchohol content,  or the picturesque sunsets, the sand, the sun, the vibe, the energy & beaches with the foreign tourists lined up for their cheap foreign travel extravaganza, everything is always a pull factor. So for the ‘Boys’, it was very simple… Booze & Babes!  After all… what else is required in life at this point?  The company  was on the right track. The investment capital has been signed upon. The break-even will happen would happen around two years. If the targeted revenue generation happens in the next five years, then ok ,otherwise they would just sell the company to a potential buyer (MNC) and life would be set.

Viki was the team leader and he always had a very clear plan about his life goals. He was the driving force of the entire group. And he believed strongly that when you work hard, you should party harder.  So when all this was being done, the boys seriously needed their time off. No inhibitions, no holding back!


The four of them were too tired that day and hence decided to venture out to South Goa the next day because this ‘Holiday’ had to be special. Ajay & Reehan had zeroed down that they were going to stay near Palolem Beach, one of the beautiful beaches in South Goa. The idea was to have a blast at Silent Noise  Party Club and of course take the Cruise Ride At The Casino Royale Cruise in South Goa. So they proceeded as planned. One can have Feni, Sula, or Kingfisher Beer in Goa but it’s difficult getting high that easily. You can get high only if you fall in love with the ambiance & the Goan vibration. Viki & group were already high. Booze was not a problem … The problem was finding babes! So what better place than to hook up at a Night Club? They all thought that they need to quickly make the right moves & seek out the best pleasure tonight. After settling down in their rooms in the Kings Villa Resort and taking appropriate rest, the plan was to have a blast and enjoy the best of the bachelor days.

Tonight, they were all set. Dressed elegantly the four handsome hunks looked dashing & suave in their casuals.  They hit the Club. The air was ecstatic. Dim lights, smoky atmosphere, DJ music & a bluish tinge of light made the mood go high. At the night club, it was not that difficult to get four leads as well.

Viki was attracted to a beautiful lady who was a visitor from Spain and was sitting at the corner with her glass of wine, looking like a painting.  This was her maiden trip to Goa and she was a solo female traveler. She was absolutely gorgeous & had a slender figure with curly hair. Vicky was drawn to her like a magnet.  It was an instant connection when they both started talking. By the time Vicky looked around, his three friends were already gone with their dates to enjoy their time. “These buggers never waste a minute , when it comes to self indulgence !”  thought Viki to himself.

Viki also proposed to have a night out & Alexandra, yes the Spanish girl agreed wholeheartedly. They went to Viki’s room in the villa and  Viki was extremely happy to have found Alexandra. He was sure that it was going to be fun, exciting & all this made him feel adventurous as well. He could not stop smiling.

They went into their rooms  & the young bodies just wanted to embrace each other and get lost into oblivion.  Alexandra took a shower &  then quickly undressed herself and was extremely quick in her act. Viki was noticing her closely and was somehow lost in thoughts. Vicky looked at her and suddenly without realizing thought of Avantika. He did not want to but his mind kept going back to her.  Avantika was so shy that even after officially dating him for a long time, she would blush every single time Vicky looked at her. She would behave like a touch me not plant and Vicky loved it about her somehow. She also had similar features as Alexandra. Probably Vicky was drawn towards Alexandra because of this resemblance. He, was as if unconsciously was looking out for Avantika.  He kept looking at Alexandra lost in his thoughts without any reaction. She was beautiful without doubt but Viki could not feel anything. Strange. She came towards him &  Viki closed his eyes.  He was even shocked that when he  was having everything that he wanted, he could only think about Avantika and at that too at this point in time!

“You got a problem, Man?   I  wrap it up soon ok… tell me now or don’t waste my time.”  Alexandra spoke in her accent and looked at Viki with a raised eyebrow. Viki was clueless as to what to do but he had to defend his male ego at least. He adjusted himself and gained composure.

They made love, mechanical love, probably. Alexandra fell asleep after getting exhausted. Viki could not sleep somehow. He took out a cigarette and went out of the room for a fag.After a drag,  he felt heavier somehow , and in those dark moments,  in the darkness around, he found a tear flowing from his eyes. “What … am I mad?”,  He said and wiped it. The tears did not stop. Avantika had once wanted to come to Goa with Viki, but he never had time for all this, He felt lonely tonight, and somehow just wanted to see Avantika. .His beautiful adorable person who he had lost in his life…. for his own selfish desires.

Viki was a practical person but today he was not. He went near the beach and gave out a loud cry. He was successful, he had friends, money & his freedom but not happiness. He wanted to belong to someone but there was no one to claim him today. He cried that day after years like a baby.

They say men don’t cry. Only if this world was not that judgemental!  Viki kept sitting at the shack the whole night.  He did not want to go back to his room at all. At the break of the dawn when Reehan came out of his room and saw Viki, he gave out a mischievous smile signaling how eventful his night had been. Viki smiled back but somehow he seemed different. Reehan and then slowly Ajay & Rafi joined in. Viki could not stop himself from describing all that had happened and cried inconsolably in their arms.

Viki, if not his friends, had understood what lesson Goa wanted to teach him.   He missed something in life and that very thing was the reason for him to be happy. It was above professional success.  But Viki had understood that he needed to find love. Lust was never a cure for him for sure.

Next morning, with a new zeal he called up Avantika immediately and said:”Hello Avi,  How are you but listen ,I LOVE YOU & I will never let you get married to some other jerk. I am the only jerk you need in your life. I am a worthless,  an absolute idiot but I need you to save me Avi.  I thought I can let you go. I am sorry, I have sinned and you can punish me as you deem fit .  It did not mean anything. But don’t you dare leave me. I have been keeping every update about you all these years.”

Avantika was hearing everything quietly and first cursed him on the phone and replied, “You think its easy for me? You treat me as you like and the way you want. I am done with you now. You understand ? You just meet me once , okay? Tell me when are you coming?”

Viki was smiling while hearing all this and said, “Very soon, just wait for me. This time … just once ….give me another chance.”

Goa had taught Viki his biggest life lesson!


Booze & Babes don’t always give pleasure and Goa is so much more than all this!





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