My Red Lipstick


woman covered in glitters
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Red hot lipsticks are my favorites,

I glide them on and there is a sparkle in my eyes,

I  see a painting in the mirror and adore it for some time longer,

Can I look that beautiful?

I love my hair open,

They fly as free as they want and a sense of freedom engulfs me.


You come like a knight in the shining armor,

I get swayed by  my dreams and  want to be your queen,

But knights want to be kings and  snatch empires,

I am not someone to be ruled upon,

You realize only when you have waged a war with my soul,

You leave just like you came, unannounced and into the oblivion,


You take away my pride, my zeal, and my self-love,

Like a crushed flower, I lay on the ground wounded,

Audiences clap and applause,

for what a show it was,

Some say it’s the red lipstick that was at fault,

“who told you to invite the attention?” they remark,

“Did you not keep your hair plaited?”, they enquire,

I   then keep  my hair tied up and  wipe away the color on my lips,

I lose myself in the process of realizing that my body is not my own.


Then I find some ray of hope, someone with the heart of gold,

He comes along and tries to wake me up, holds me and embraces me,

I feel the warmth that I never felt in years,

He makes me feel alive and maybe some sparks flew,

I looked into his eyes again and my naive soul  wanted to be his,

But he was an angel only to pass by,

I exonerate myself for I was attracted, a feeling that is only humane,

I  smile at my own imprudence!


I pick up the  red lipstick  and paint my lips again,

I  release my plaits and my shiny black hair dances like waves in the air,

I  live for myself now,

oscillating between solitude and longing,

without any expectations, without any inhibitions,

hoping to meet my soulmate in some other lifetime!






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  1. Debidutta Mohanty says:

    Beautiful Chinmayee, you are a poet. Did not know that?? You can compile them and I can see another book of poems in queue.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a zillion ton Debi. Means a lot


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