Book Review 13- My Thoughts My Way

  • Book Title– My Thoughts ,My Way !!
  • Author’s Name– Jayanthi Manikandan
  • Published by – Self  Published on Blogchatter platform during Blogchatter E book Carnival 2020
  • About the Author– Jayanthi holds a BE and an MS degree and is proficient in Java programming. She is a professional blogger and regular blogs at her website She blogs mainly about technology and simplifies technical jargons like bitcoin,CIA triad, block chain etc so that a layman can understand.She has also previously published her previous E-book which is available on Amazon.
  • Title and Book Cover- The Title is very apt and quite strait forward I must say. The background is a picture of sea waves probably synonymous with the numerous thoughts that crosses like waves in her mind. It is symbolic and represents the content well.
  • Narration: The narration is in first person narrative and it is just like reading someones diary and it binds the readers instantly. I had a smile through out reading the book.
  • Content: As said earlier this is a personal account of life experiences that the Author has shared with the readers. She had been to the US for fourteen years and gives a first hand account as to how life slowly changes around us and in many places she has compared the life in both the countries . Her thoughts are very simple yet strike a chord because of the relevance of the topic. For ex topics like the debate between ICSE & CBSE or start ups in India or the bond between mother,daughter, father and son might seem very normal and trivial. But I really enjoyed seeing it through the eyes of the Author. She is a seasoned writer and has compartmentalized her thoughts really well. I also loved how with each chapter she asks a very relevant question and the reader ponders upon. One of the portions that I liked a lot is as below :
  • First day, First gear:
    She was told to “press the clutch and then change to first gear”. Once she was in first gear, she was told to “slowwllyyy” remove the foot from the clutch and press the gas pedal….but once she removed the foot from the clutch and pressed the gas pedal, the car shuddered to a stop!! And she wondered why!! (any ideas?!) As the days went by the car was behaving erratically and understanding the newly wedded husband was also getting more interesting! (Was he pushy, was he slow in teaching, or was he harsh, she could never understand!!)
  • What I missed? May be a central theme would have given it a feel of a real book rather than many varied topics but may be non fiction genres are like that…I might be wrong but that’s just my thought. 🤗
  • Hurry up Guys… This is free to download in the below link! Click below:
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