Z for Zombies!

Pic courtesy :Google

Zara took the metro to her office that day like everyday. She was wearing a yellow chikankari kurti and jeans. After few stops she managed to get a seat. She looked to her right and then to her left. Everyone was busy with their cell phone and had earplugs on. Engrossed in their own world, now no one even seemed to smile at each other forget talking. Like every day, zara opened her bag and pulled out her book. It was Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire. She was a die hard fan of the series,watched all the movies and loved reading the books again and again.

She was in chapter two when she got a push at her right side. Irritated she looked up but the man beside him was very handsome with chiseled face and blue eyes. He was wearing a red checked formal shirt and jeans. He carried his laptop bag. Seeing him Zara had forgotten her irritation. She started observing him. He eased himself in the chair and slowly pulled out a book from his bag. Guess what, it was Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. Zara had her eyes wide open. She was falling for this unknown man spontaneously. Knowing that he was being gazed upon, the man in the red shirt looked at Zara. He saw her beautiful face. She had short hair and the nose ring suited her well. He saw the book in her hands and suddenly both of them burst out laughing.

He took his hand out for a hand shake and introduced himself as Zakir. Within fraction of seconds, they were friends and couldn’t stop talking to each other. The train journey that day had marked the beginning of a beautiful journey ahead for the two young hearts. After all in a world, where cell phone was the norm, holding books made them Zombies and as the saying goes “birds of same feather flock together”, they had to be together.

Some times zombies can also represent the normal in today’s ever evolving world!

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  1. Deboshree says:

    Hahaha adored your take on the letter Z. Zombies are indeed a rare sight, but always captivating when they do appear đŸ˜€


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