Y for Yesterday!

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Yudhisthir saw himself in the mirror. He gazed into it hard, the mirror showed him his yesterday . Every thing was crystal clear in his memory. He could vividly see the day when his car had the accident. He had his car belt on and beside him sat Roshni, the love of his life. She was his child hood sweet heart. They were meeting after a long time gap as Yudhisthir had just returned from his onsite trip. He couldn’t wait to meet Roshni that day. He remembered the dress that Roshni wore, the smell of the perfume she had applied. They were on their date where Yudhisthir was about to propose her. Roshni didn’t know about it and Yudhisthir had planned for the surprise well in advance. They had just finished their movie and were heading to their favourite restaurant where a truck had applied sudden break and banged Yudhisthir’s car with so much force that for a moment every thing went blank. The car had toppled down and in the accident Roshni had left for the heavenly abode leaving behind Yudhisthir all alone. He went into depression after the incident and had almost closed him self.

Yukta had been like a Ray of hope in his life. She was his psychiatrist and had played a key role in bringing him back to life. She had eventually loved him like no one. Yudhisthir adored Yukta but he could not forget his yesterday.

Suddenly then, yudhisthir saw Yukta in the mirror. She was wearing a pastel pink saree with golden embroidery work. She looked beautiful. Seeing Yudhisthir’s pale face, she understood his mental state. He was wearing a light blue sherwani with zari work. Yukta held his hands and said, its time to say goodbye to your yesterday because its gone. Let’s create a beautiful tomorrow.

Then slowly moved the wheel chair out of the room towards the Mandap. Yudhisthirs both the legs had been amputated in the accident and he was dependent on the wheel chair. The family members, the invitees all stood up seeing the beautiful and unique couple at the marriage Hall. They gave them a clap and wished them the all the best for future life. Yudhisthir and Yukta were now going to walk together in a new path.

The yesterday might be the toughest to let go many a times, but every time we have to make an effort to create a beautiful tomorrow.

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  1. Emotional yet inspiring πŸ’•πŸ’•

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    1. Thanks dear 🌠🌻

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  2. Sunith says:

    Love your ending quotes

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    1. Means a lot coming from you. Thank you so much ✨

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  3. Mable Jaros says:

    This really answered my problem, thank you!


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