V for Vanish!

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Veena was a rebellious child. She had always questions about the ways of life. Probably asking questions made her somewhat different from others. People who had less questions to ask always used to fit in the society well.

Years passed on and she got a scholarship to study abroad. Her dream was to become one of the leading interior designers and hence a course which would fine tune her interests would be a booster for her. She took up the admission.

Being in a foreign country is a mixed feeling for many. Veena was lucky to get the chance to have the best education and a supportive family. However, the feeling of being away from her closed ones,the difference in the culture and etiquettes sometimes can be too much of a struggle. During her initial phase of adaptation, she found someone through her mutual friends who was also from India. As they say, when two nationals settled abroad meet, the certainly feel a stronger pull to know each other than anything else. Same thing happened. Veena and Arun became close and wanted to know each other . The closeness grew with time. Acquaintance changed into friendship .

But when Arun wanted to take the next step. Veena was little hesitant. As usual, she had many doubts and questions. She found it hard to let anyone become a part of her own self. For she understood love as the purest form of emotion and unconditional devotion to the ones partner. She believed that two people in love represent half of a single whole self.

Arun passed every test to prove that he was the one for her. Eventually with time, Veena came around thinking that may be she was not accepting the true love that God has sent for her. She believed in Arun and became completely committed to him .

The more closer she became to Arun, she would find him a little different than what he appeared on the surface. His show of emotions were kind of made up. Veena could sense it, but her heart could never believe her mind.

Soon, it seemed as if Veena was the one who was clingy and Arun seemed indifferent. He had changed completely in his behaviour. One fine day, Veena received a phone message from Arun saying its probably time to go different ways as his priorities had changed. He mentioned that he had been thinking about the separation since many days and advised Veena that it would be best if she should just move on and not waste any time in trying to trace him out.

Veena fell on the ground in disbelief. She called his number only to find that it was switched off,his address was empty and every evidence of his existence was wiped off. He had simply absconded. He had vanished! Veena turned into a stone and failing to understand the difference between reality and falsehood, she lost her mind.

She is now a patient at the Nimhans, Bangalore undergoing treatment for her mental instability. She has lost her memory but refuses to let go of the mobile and constantly looks at the message and keeps screaming ,“ He Vanished! ”

Human Behaviour is the most complicated thing on this planet world and sometimes the most purest of the souls get the punishment that they never deserve.

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  1. Flyhiee.com says:

    People who had fewer questions to ask always used to fit in society well.
    Human Behaviour is the most complicated thing on this planet world and sometimes the purest of the souls get the punishment that they never deserve.
    loved this.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks a ton ✨I am so glad that you liked it😊

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      1. Flyhiee.com says:

        Thank you.
        If you want to get published on our website let us know.

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      2. Thanks. It would be a privilege. Let me know what needs to be done.

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      3. Flyhiee.com says:

        We need you name, country name and the link or doc of the post.
        Thank you very much.
        For more you can text us on our email.
        You can find in the contact us section.
        Thank you

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  2. Deboshree says:

    This was disturbing. But sadly, incidents like these are becoming more common every day. 😦

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    1. Absolutely Debo. Many a times such realities don’t capture everyone’s attention and the victims are mostly innocent ones.


  3. Sunith says:

    Loved this Chinmayee. Great writing

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    1. So glad you liked it 🤗

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