O for Optimisism

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Osman had just got back to his senses after the effect of reduced anaesthesia. He sat on his hospital bed looking at his bed sheet that covered his legs. Slowly he tried feeling his legs. It ended abruptly after his knee joints. Tears rolled down his eyes and he screamed with pain by seeing his altered body, a body without legs.

The doctors and the nurses in the military hospital ran upto him and tried pacifying him. All osman was asking was ‘why did the doctor do so?’ Amputation was the only way to save Osman’s life. After the bullet injury and lot of blood was lost from his body, his legs had to be operated upon.

During the cease fire violations at the border, multiple bullets penetrated Osman’s legs when he successfully saved his colleague who had been hit in the shoulder and had fallen down. Had it not been for Osman, his colleague would have been spot dead. Osman managed to pull him by the collar and dragged his blood soaked body towards a safer place. But while doing so, he was severely injured.

Being a soldier was not easy. But Osman loved every moment of his army life. After all, he was living his dream. The feeling that one gets by putting on the uniform just can not be described in words. So it was the pride and honour for which Osman had joined the army. His father and his father’s father were soldiers too. So he knew the risks involved. But who gets worried about risks when it was a question about his passion?

Now, after his operation, everything changed for Osman. He obviously could no more serve in the army. The very thought of not being able to hold his gun made him paranoid. He was the best shooter in his batch and loved hitting the targets with his pistol.

+After getting discharged from the hospital, Osman was fit physically but mentally he was a different person. He sat on his wheelchair life less. Slowly he was slipping into depression. His parents, his friends and his newly wedded wife were all affected as well. After all the most jolly person in the family had become lifeless. He knew he cannot lead such a dull life but did not what to do.

One fine morning, Osman wanted to visit the training ground at the cant area near his house. He just wanted to hold the bullet and hear the sound of firing it. He was as feeling suffocated to be sitting at home all day. The moment he held his gun, as if he went back being the real Osman. He kept practicing for two hours straight. Every bullet that left his pistol his the bulls eye. His seniors sensed his restlessness and the fire that was burning within him. They proposed him to be a trainer for the army men who wanted to take up shooting as a sports and earn medals for the country. Osman took a pause to understand the offer and exclaimed with joy. There was now a purpose in his life.

After lot of paper work and recommendations, Osman’s future finally looked optimistic. He joined the coaching team as a consultant and his life got a new direction. There was no limit to his happiness. The smile on his face had made a comeback.

Optimisism is the key to any locked doors that we encounter in life. May we able to never loose the optimisism in difficult times.

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  1. Deboshree says:

    Loved this. Optimism, I feel, isn’t only a choice but mandatory for living.
    I am awed at how you manage to come up with such uplifting tales every so often and to a schedule too! Very inspiring. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot. Your appreciation means a lot to me ๐Ÿค—


  2. If seen, there is always a new door. Good one. ๐Ÿ™‚ Osman here is a lesson for inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

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