J for Just for fun!

Pic Courtesy : GoogleJyoti was the youngest of the three children that Mr. Sahu had. She was the youngest one and obviously the most spoilt one.Her two elder brothers were her guardian angels. She knew, she would get away with anything provided her brothers backed her. After having two sons, Mr Sahu and his wife had prayed to have a girl child. After all, they believed that without a girl child in the house, there is no real celebration. So having a girl child would also make the boys more considerate. So Jyoti’s birth was nothing less than a grand event. The whole community was invited for the naming ceremony.But gradually with time, things turned out to be a little different than expected .Jyoti was more of a trouble maker than her elder brothers. She was not only mischievous but cunning as well which added to the trouble of managing her. Every time she would do some blunder and managed to escape. Instead, her brothers would face the brunt. But they happily did so as their doll, their kid sister was their very prized possession. Even their neighbours were tensed due to her everyday adventures which directly affected their children.For instance, Jyoti would make a plan for a mass – bunk at the tuitions and she would reach the class just in time when all others would be absent. When at home, her mother would cook mixed vegetables for dinner, she would go and complain to her brothers that, why is it that they are not being fed chicken, which is tasty and good for health? After marathon discussions, when at the dinning table her brothers would make a fuss about the food, she would happily relish her mom’s delicacy and wink at her brothers.She was a prankster and it was difficult to predict her thoughts. She was a above average in her studies but was a very active kid. She was at the same time famous for being the naughtiest of the lot but ended up getting praised because she would participate in sports, dramatics, debate competitions, essay competitions etc and ensure to win prizes in every event. So basically, Jyoti was a very difficult case study for everyone,at school and also at her home.Years passed on & she grew up to be a beautiful lady and started going to college for higher studies in Journalism and Mass communication . But as graceful as she would look from the outside, she had a sharp mind and never missed an opportunity to play a prank. This quality had made her famous. Many young men fell for her beauty but no one had the courage to walk up to her and propose. This was because they knew they would be inviting a life time trouble into their lives.Eventually Jyoti joined as a reporter in a leading daily and because of her ever active mind she would manage to get the first coverage of stories as compared to her competitors,who hated her. But she somehow had the personality which made everyone so much at ease with her that they just couldn’t afford to avoid Jyoti.Jay, had just joined in the HR department in same company where Jyoti worked. He was a tall man with a lean body and a always wore a smile on his face. His calmness was his highlight.Soon after few days, he noticed the fire brand named Jyoti who had become the star reporter of the group by the. She was full of energy and always excited for any task at hand. Even Jyoti ‘s Boss was not spared from her pranks. She shared a cordial relationship with her boss. On important meeting days Jyoti would act ill and pretend to take leave. Just when the meeting would be called off, she would call up every one and arrange the meeting. Her boss would end up being late to the meeting!Doing all this gave her a high and an adrenaline rush that she absolutely loved.No one could say anything to her because she was too good at her work and had an extremely amiable attitude towards everyone.Jay was drawn towards her for her overall nature . He proposed her to be her life partner. It was as if nothing could stop him from pouring his heart out. Jyoti hesitated initially but said yes. After all, Jay was too handsome and loving to ignore and reject. Jay enjoyed every prank and mischief that Jyoti played during their courtship days.Then finally the D day arrived. Mr. Sahu ‘s family could not believe that their little doll has grown up to be married. They were going through an ocean of emotions like the parents of any girl on the day of the marriage. The Mandap was decorated, the caterers were set, the lighting was perfect.Just then, Mrs Sahu came running and announced that Jyoti was nowhere to be found. No one could imagine what this girl was up to. Her brothers searched the entire city but couldn’t find her anywhere. Finally Jay was informed. After listening the news, all he did was smile. He dropped a message on Jyoti ‘s WhatsApp number and told everyone to continue with the proceedings. Jyoti could not believe her eyes after seeing the message. That day while riding back home, she felt a deep churn in her belly, drops if sweat trickled down her forehead. It was a feeling that she had never experienced. Even her board exams could not give her this kind of jolt. She reached Jay’s House instead of hers and ran to his room. There she saw Jay sitting calmly in his Sherwani, smiling.Jyoti was shocked as the message had read that Jay has slit his wrist after finding Jyoti ‘s absence knowing Jay to be a serious guy, jyoti had every reason to believe it. Seeing her perplexed face, every family member burst out laughing. They all shouted in one voice “Just for Fun”. Jyoti wanted to make Jay nervous on the D day, but ended up being the victim of the notorious idea. She felt for the first time what it was to be pranked on. That day, she folded both her ears and promised to tone down her mischiefs. Jay knew this was only a momentary gesture. He had loved Jyoti for her lively child like nature and as long Jyoti was beside him nothing mattered.That night was most magical as two pure hearts became each other and were bonded for life. Jay and Jyoti were now one!

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  1. Tit for Tat. Finally Jyoti had met her match in Jay. Very entertaining piece

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  2. Cute story..❣️

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