I for Innocence

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Innayat came running from school that day after the school was closed down early due to heavy shelling. There was no sign of worry on his face. After all it was a regular affair in their area. He came and clinged on to his Ammi and asked for food.

His mother erased away all signs of stress on her forehead and took up Innayat into her lap,stroked his hair with her hands and began feeding him with her own hands. Innayat played with his friends the entire day and was really happy that his school had closed down early.

At night his Abbu came early and Innayat was happy again. He and Abbu were best friends and he used to listen to stories from his father after having dinner every night. It was his favourite thing in the entire day. But today Abbu was in a different mood.

Innayat didn’t understand the gravity of the situation but was little sad as he knew that he had to sleep without his story. Abbu spoke of some bombings and firings. Innayat sensed that may be something was wrong with Abbu’s shop being attacked where he sold pashmina shawls.

After all for a nine year old kid, it was difficult to understand that the blood shed going on for such a long time was beyond anyone ‘s control and the times were scary.

That night when the family was asleep, few of the masked men barged into the house and within seconds open fired. The was so much noise that no one understood what had happened.

Innayat screamed and suddenly sat on the bed like a statue with his Ammi and Abbu on both sides drenched with blood. There was blood everywhere. He wanted to shout but his voice did not come out. Suddenly one of the men grabbed his hair and pulled him out of the bed.

He screamed, Ammi and Abbu with all his force. After few cries, a piece of cloth was stuffed in his mouth. Before he could know what was happening, he was shoved into a vehicle which had many guns and few children of his age. He tried to open his hands and legs which were tied so tightly that he could barely move. He cried and cried. He was scared to death. The vehicle started running I full speed to territory that none of the innocent children knew.

Next Morning, Innayat woke up with a sound that was so loud that he thought he lost his ears for ever. He along with other children were made to stand in line. Some crying, some stunned and some just confused. Innayat looked around to find that there were masked men all around. Then someone ordered them.

This is going to be your home now. You have to do as we say. Any effort to escape this place is like asking for death. You will be given numbers and when called out you have to do as directed. Your family is dead so just obey”.

After the announcement, suddenly three to four boys screamed out and said they wanted to leave the place. The next moment there were guns roaring and these voices were silenced in no time. Down fell the blood soaked bodies.

Innayat had turned into a stone by then. His clothes still had the marks of the blood of his Abbu and Ammi. It also marked the death of his innocence! He had understood that he had to obey to survive!

Terrorism is a menace that is spreading its wings every day. It is not only a threat to the present but to the future as millions of innocent lives like Innayat are losing their innocence to become terrorists, the real meaning of which even they find hard to understand.

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  1. This shattered me. Unfortunately it is the truth of so many innocent souls in Kashmir. Your best so far

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    1. Thanks Sunith. Glad you liked it!

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