Book Review of It was always you by Sudeep Nagarkar

Book Review 

Title of the Book:   It was always You

Author's Name:      Sudeep Nagarkar 

Available on:       Amazon   


About the Author :

Sudeep Nagarkar is the author of thirteen best-selling novels and has the distinction of being featured on the Forbes India longlist of most influential celebrities for two consecutive years. In the year 2016, he was named the ‘Youth icon of India’ by the Zee Awards and the Best Fiction Novelist of the year by WBR Group. He has given guest lectures at various renowned institutes, including IITs, IIMs, and NITs, and has spoken at TEDx.

Narration: The book involves multiple characters and is set in the backdrop of a world that was plagued by Covid and how the deadly disease affected life & relationships. It is engaging & keeps one hooked till the last page.

Book Cover & Title:

The book cover is very soothing and immediately gives you the warmth that a romance novel should give. I myself was intrigued by it.


Relationships are built on the bedrock of trust. But that does not mean that they undergo shifts and transitions with time. They certainly do and become platonic on some days and on other days they provide affection, comfort, and a safe heaven for being vulnerable. This book is about two friends, Karan & Aditya who navigate through many ups and downs in their married life. The world is in chaos due to the pandemic and the effects of the same are felt by the characters of the book. They are challenged to keep up their bonds when life throws difficult questions at them. Both stories develop simultaneously and keep the reader engaged.

Karan & Shruti are a couple who have been married and suddenly COVID makes its entry and throws their lives out of control. They face all the problems to keep their love alive for each other and just when Shruti gets pregnant, there is a twist in the plot. The complications of an old love making its entry into Karan’s life brings in unpredictability. Will Karan be able to handle his sinful desires or will he be able to save his beautiful family that is at its most tender state? How will Shruti handle all this when she is expecting her first child?

Aditya & Jasmine face issues with their relationships when the economic crisis due to Covid lurks at them. Aditya, being a writer finds it difficult when his writing projects are on hold and even Jasmine faces a layoff. There are ego wars and both of them hurt each other unaware of how to handle each other’s expectations. Things take an ugly turn when a drunken Aditya humiliates Jasmine by saying things he should never have. Will the rifts caused by such harsh words ever be filled between them? Will they ever go back to a time when they both loved each other madly?

Will both friends make wise decisions to save their marriages or will they choose to ruin them and do what their heart desires?

If you love the romance genre and are up for a breezy & quick read, this book is for you. This is available on AMAZON!

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