Karela Katha – Part 2 (Cont.)

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This story is the continuation of part 1 which you can read by clicking HERE!

It was her!! The ‘Airport wali ladki’, who had brushed aside me. Yes, it was definitely her!

My heart skipped a beat when I saw her write Economics as her honors paper.

She is going to be in my class! Damn! I thought to myself.

While I waited for her to return my pen, I peeped across a little to read her name.

Lipsa is all I could manage to see. Beautiful name is what I thought to myself. She suddenly turned around with a twirl, her hair swinging and touching my face. And … and my eyes fell on her lips. I did not want to. I did not want to offend, but her luscious lips had just a hint of a glossy lip balm unlike dark lip shades and I was unable to look away. She was probably around 5.4 feet and I was 6.1. Her face kind of reached my chest and I was looking straight into her face, with my eyes on her lips.

Hmmm … Hmmm… She made a noise and raised her arched eyebrow offering me the pen.

“Thank… Thank you!”, I said while taking it back.

She raised her feet and made another massive twirl with her swaying in the air and this time her hair made a big impact on my nostrils that I almost sneezed. She gave me a little smile with the same eyebrow raised and left with her neon green backpack.

Pen to tera hi that na! Tune Kyun ‘Thank you’ bola? I questioned myself.

I swayed my head in an attempt to shake my thoughts of her and started to search for the canteen. I was already hungry by then. My first day in Delhi was eventful ,I thought,while looking at my mobile.

3 missed calls from Mom,1 from Papa, and a few others from my friends. I kept my phone in my pocket and went to the canteen. I was so hungry that I could not think of doing anything else.


Today was the first day of the class. I had managed to rent a place for myself near to the campus. A typical room meant for a male student, frill-free and very basic. Well staying in Delhi is of course high maintenance!

I went up the gallery and went almost to the back. The swanky crowd of students made me a little uncomfortable. I had put on a plain blue shirt and black trousers unlike everyone else who seemed very different from me. Having a formal look on the first day would look good, I had thought to myself.

While I settled down in my seat, my heart was a little unsettled. My eyes were frantically searching for Lipsa, the girl who had taken my pen and had made me say thank you. After about ten-odd minutes, She was there, she entered with three other girls. She looked like a morning sun with her gorgeous orange sleeveless top that was actually a short Kurti and ended at her thighs. She had worn black jeans and high heels. Her ear studs were tiny but they glittered so bright that it seemed as if a ray of light was being projected from them. I smiled seeing her putting all my worries about how to mingle with others. I was just happy that at least there was something to look forward to coming to college on a daily basis. Otherwise, books teach you everything and I could have just stayed back in my room, had there been no hassle of attendance. But, now it was not about attendance, but Lipsa who will be the reason I do not miss a single class. I silently promised myself. I scratched my head while thinking about all of this.

My eyes followed her. She looked normal but somehow special, different from all other girls…well at least to me. There was something alluring to her. I wanted to know more about her somehow. Her heartfelt smile, her confident body language, and her wavy hair with streaks of brownish shades in between, as if invited my eyes to stare at her from one moment to another. She had short nails unlike other girls and there was no nail paint on them. She was trying to put a strand of her hair behind her ears but somehow, it always came in front of her face. That somehow made her look all the more appealing. I could not stop myself from noticing her and her cute mannerisms.

As I looked around the whole class, it was bustling with so much noise. Everyone was busy talking to each other and a few were clicking selfies and immediately uploading them on their social media with captions like #firstdayincollege #collegestarts #adulting #DUmylife and # I don’t know what else! I never understood this craze of putting everything out in public. I mean there has to be something like private life! Well, I am a misfit I guess. Nowadays even newly married couples are putting their bedroom decorations on social media. ‘Matlab kya zamana agaya he !’

And one best thing was anyone could sit anywhere they liked. It was not the same at my place. Boys always sat in one row and girls in one row. I always hated it. I mean, did it make any sense!

While I was expecting the teacher when a bunch of boys and girls entered. It seems they were our seniors.

“Welcome, Welcome to the prestigious Delhi University, and congratulations for making it to St. Stephens everyone.” One of them announced loudly.

The whole class burst into smiles and everyone started clapping loudly while looking at each other. There was a moment of euphoria in all of us.

“First years, we want all of you to gather at the Dining hall of the Residence. And I repeat no one is allowed to miss it. NO ONE! There is no ragging allowed in DU and we strongly condemn it. But we believe in a strong bond of fraternity and hence you all are invited to be part of the Economics family of St. Stephens. So see you all there at 7 pm, positively.” One of the girls who wore a jacket had short hair like a guy and almost resembled a boy declared with a hint of assertiveness in her tone.

The residence was the hostel facility of the college which had three blocks for men and three for women.

I slowly, hesitantly raised my hand.

One of the seniors gestured for me to speak.

” I do not stay at the residence, I had not opted for it only during admission. Should I also come?”

The entire class looked back as I was seated in the last and topmost row of the gallery. And suddenly, they all laughed out loud.

My face went all red. A tinge of embarrassment shot in my veins .” Why did I have to open my mouth? Like always I should have kept quiet. ” I saw Lipsa too look at me and laugh with all others. I clenched my fist but could do nothing. After all, I realised that the damage had already been done. And for the first time, I felt that probably I did not belong here. And no one, literally no one cares for anyone here. I missed Lucknow, my own place. I missed home!

App ka subhnaam? “one of the seniors asked.


‘Yes, yes you Mr. Blue shirt !’

“Banke Brijmohan Srivastav .”I said .

And again the whole class laughed out loudly.

Ab kya kar diya Maine . Naam hi to bola na !’ I thought to myself.

‘Banke Ji , we specially request you to please come . Please. 7 pm. ok? Without fail.’ One of the seniors said.

I nodded my head in affirmation.

P.S. To be continued …



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