Hello May

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Hola my readers,

it has been a long time since I have written my heart out and it feels claustrophobic, to be honest. The entire month of April was dedicated to writing Non-fiction ( I wrote each day about Indian women who made a mark in the field of science ). It was indeed an enriching experience as even I had no knowledge about many of them!

But somewhere, I could not channel out my emotions and it felt suffocating. Life, they say is similar for all. Yes, indeed in a certain way it is. We take birth, grow up, handle life situations, make some memories, and one day we all bid goodbye to this mortal body. But, in those similarities, there are many finer inequalities that make each of our journeys unique and different from each one of us.

Some like to share things while some prefer to keep them within. I do not know what makes it easier. Because we all have to face life in our own way, as per our own conditioning. The past few days have been a little unsettling on a personal level and sometimes, you realize you just can not control many things. The only power you have is to control your response to any given situation rather than reacting. And yet, many times you fail. And things snowball to many bigger things. I guess when things take an ugly turn and when you do not have control over the outcome, the best thing is to be patient and give time some more time. No, I would not say that sitting back solves things, but then the pause that you provide ‘may’ cool down things a bit and may give a second chance to reconsider possibilities. I did the same and it was tough to be patient.

I resonate the month of May with possibilities. Things can go wrong but they may also lead to better chances, brighter tomorrows, and maybe, just maybe things, in reality, will have a touch of the dreams & maybe they will shine like a pearl. The most resilient thing to do at your lowest point is to remind yourself of this wonderful concept of ‘maybe ‘ and try to resurface yourself. It will undoubtedly be hard and trust me sometimes it gets pitch dark. But then, I think exactly at those points one has to positively think of the higher power and maybe there will be a tiny beam of light or at least a hint of it.

Let us be each other’s sunshine when things become difficult. We all are fighting silent battles every single day. For some, it is about chasing dreams, and for some even daily existence can be a burden! May we dive deep into our own selves and be able to seek our purpose in life. May we not put boxes of standardization for others.

I wish all my readers a beautiful, bright May, filled with the sunshine of health, happiness & peace!



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  1. True words. I too agree that the only thing we can control is our reaction to the situation.

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    1. Thank you Vikas !


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