Over the Moon- Khusboo Mirja

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Today we have with us Ms. Khusboo Mirza, who has achieved a lot and broke many glass ceilings, and has become a youth icon for many young aspiring scientists.

She hails from Amroha in Uttar Pradesh and has been part of many space campaigns including that of Chandrayan. She passed out from Aligarh Muslim University as an electronics engineer and joined ISRO in 2006 after her graduation.

ISRO is well known for its precision and for fulfilling the scientific explorations pertaining to outer space in the country. The missions that are undertaken are most critical to the pride of the nation and it is mostly designed to carry out ISRO launches of a variety of communication and weather satellites on contract to various global space organizations like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of US, Japanese Exploration Agency, Japan, etc. This also includes the Chandrayan projects.

Khusboo Mirza was part of the crucial Chandrayan missions( she was a junior scientist during Chandrayan 1 and also contributed to Chandrayan 2) and has acclaimed many accolades for her contribution. The journey has not been easy for her. Being a woman from a minority community had its own obstacles, but she has proved her mettle and after the Chandrayan mission, the ISRO proudly promoted her to  “Rank F or ‘Scientist F’ which is a senior scientist post in research institutions. It is considered equal to the rank of a director. 

The president had specially acknowledged her during the glorious launch of the space missions.

My one-line takeaway: The glass ceilings break if one has the grit, passion, and the ability to undertake focused hard work to achieve one’s goal.

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PS: I have planned to take up non-fiction this year as my theme for the A2Z challenge, where every day in the month of April ( except Sundays) I will be writing about women in the stream of science and their contributions.  Disclaimer -The information collected is from different sources available online.

The main objective is to draw inspiration and share information about such great lives who did it, despite all difficulties in their life.



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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rashi Roy says:

    Such amazing accomplishments. Kudos to her.


  2. Harshita says:

    Breaking glass ceilings is so difficult and yet so important. Kudos to her for doing so and to you for bringing her story to us.


  3. So good to see a contemporary woman on the list. It’s true that things might be easier today but there are struggles even as we speak, and also we need women in each generation to continue breaking the stereotypes, so kudos to here.


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