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Aren’t windows just a beautiful part of any room! For me personally, I love windows that open up and welcome light, fresh air & a great view. You open those windows in the morning and the whole vibe just changes to something so positive within a fraction of seconds. I love a room that has big windows with beautiful curtains and the icing on the cake would be if it opens up to a breathtaking view! Similarly getting a window seat while on a plane or on a train journey always excites me and I am sure many of us feel the same too !!

In the 13th century BC, the earliest windows were unglazed openings in a roof to admit light during the day. Over time, windows were built that both protected the inhabitants from the elements and transmitted light. The Romans were the first known to use glass for windows. Isn’t it something very fascinating!

The styling of the windows also gives a very unique appeal to the design of a house. So, even the architectures take special care while designing these windows which also takes care of the lighting, the overall appeal of the house. So, now you can see how important are these windows !!

Windows also have many metaphorical meanings like opening up minds or opening of hearts and having a fresh outlook.

The below quote is one of my favourite which I am sharing with you.

So, what’s your story about windows? Do let me know !



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  1. soniadogra says:

    That’s a lovely thought on windows. I’m just thinking how we take windows for granted. What if we were to spend our life in a room with no windowd. Imagine prison cells!

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    1. Thank you so much ,Sonia ! This is just a thought that crossed my mind. Being claustrophobic , I can only say that I would say I would suffocate to death .


  2. Is a comment space enough to talk about windows 🙂 Windows in a home is like nostrils in human body! Interesting topic, written beautifully.


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