Leave me alone!

Photo by Darwis Alwan on Pexels.com

He went into the room and closed the door with a bang!

“Are you coming out or not? The food is getting cold. I work my ass off to get this done. At least be obliged for this till the time you are under my roof! , ” a voice screamed from outside.

He looked at the photo frame hung on the wall beside his bed. She looked the same. The warmth in her smile seemed just like yesterday. She would wait for him with such kind eyes and his best part was lying down on her lap as she would put her fingers in his hair. The garland that hung around the frame as if was a declaration that said that there are two worlds and people once who go to the other world forget their loved ones. Anguished, he put his face into his own hands and whispered ” Maa…”, while a tear flew down his cheeks.

The phone buzzed, then” Hey, where the hell are you? Do you remember, we have to go to the pub! “

“I am not coming, my friend, leave me alone. ” he typed back. The phone fell silent.

“Are you coming out or not? Otherwise, sleep hungry tonight”. The voice screamed again from the dining hall.

“I AM NOT HUNGRY!”, he yelled back.

There was no hint of any sound again from the other side of the door.

A message displayed again on his phone.” I was waiting to hear from you. Where are you ?”

“LEAVE ME ALONE! I do not want to be found, Do you get it ? Just stop disturbing me, okay? LEAVE ME ALONE !!”, he replied.

After a long pause, the phone beeped again.

“Go and have your food. We will meet tomorrow. I will ‘leave’ when I want to not when you say! Understand?”

“Don’t …ever…”, he finally typed.



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  1. Swati Khatri says:

    So many shades of love in here…

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    1. Thanks for stopping by !!

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