Badhai Do Movie – the reality of lavender marriages

A still from the movie – Badhai Do ( pic from the Internet)

I watched this movie titled ” Badhai Do ” yesterday on Netflix. This movie is based on the concept of Lavender marriages which also exist in India. For me, this was information. Another reality showing how far do we all go to keep the reality away from coming out in the open!

Lavender marriage is a term coined to describe a marriage between a man and a woman in which one, or both, parties are homosexual. Usually, but not always, both parties are assumed to be complicit in a public deception to hide their homosexuality.

The humor element in the movie balances the heavy topic of discussing the complexities of same-sex partners and also helps keep the commercial factor of the movie intact.Though, one can feel that it gets a little filmy at many parts of the movies, but overall I guess this was a brilliant attempt to bring such a sensitive issue into the mainstream bollywood cinema.

The ending of the movie appealed to me the most especially which highlights how difficult it becomes for an individual to come out ( whether in front of their own family or in public) and accept themselves owing to their sexual orientation can be. In many instances, it has also tackled to break down the misguided image where it is generally perceived that a woman does not handle her emotions well. In many instances, the female protagonist was much better equipped to handle her emotional lows as compared to her male counterpart. An attempt to showcase the reality and break gender bias must be appreciated.

Another highlight of the movie for me was, in any kind of relationship ( sexual or otherwise) the factor that is most important is open and honest conversations leading to a deeper level of trust & understanding. The man & woman ( Rajkumar Rao & Bhumi Pednekar ) who have played the leading roles are completely incompatible who enter the lavender-marriage, so that they can escape the societal pressure of leading a normal life. They are neither attracted towards each other nor share any kind of friendship in the beginning. Yet, with time, both become each other’s confidant and that’s how the life of four people( protagonists with their respective partners) gets sorted.

The movie also highlights the legal complications that make it impossible for same-sex partners to adopt a child and create a family.

This write-up is not about saying how the movie was made, but the point here is that aspect of our own society is kept hidden from us and the amount of misinformation that is prevalent with respect to LGBTQIA community. The fact that they are absolutely normal and need acceptance in every aspect of life is a strong point that is showcased in the movie.

Overall, I liked the movie.



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  1. Simon says:

    Thanks for sharing… this is new .. especially it is an Indian movieđź’– Glad to see movie makers are brining this in big screen with impressive screen play.

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    1. Yes, Simon. This was a new concept and I loved the movie a lot.

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  2. Swati Khatri says:

    I did not know about the meaning of the term, “lavender marriages” until I read your blog post. Thank you for sharing this.


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