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Arti: Why should it always be me? I am not going to do it this time!

Vikas: What does she think of herself! Let her get a taste of her own deed.

Arti: He never does it first!

Vikas: Why should I? I won’t.

Arti: Whatever the case, this is it. I won’t too.

A few hours passed away and both kept checking at their phones but not a single message or call was shared.

Arti: Why does the day seem so dull! This phone does not work I guess!!

Vikas: No wonder! It was always me putting in all the effort. NO message, No call!! It’s been what… what …. eighteen hours now !!

Arti: Wait let me check, did the battery of the phone die, already? Nah, 43%! Still, nothing!

Arti & Vikas left their respective offices in their own cars & tuned in to their favorite FM channel that they both loved where RJ Anu, played the best songs with some interesting conversations!

RJ Anu: Heloooooooo People !!! So, what’s happening? Tell me friends, how are you all doing. Today, on world senior citizen day, we have something special for you! We will talk about love that shines bright with time! Yes, we have love birds who will share their stories and we will play some amazing songs. So, stay tuned and let’s listen to our first caller. Yes, Mr. Dash Namaste. Tell us your secret . How did love happen at your time?

First Caller ( Talking to RJ Anu) : I am 78 now and she is 78 too but just two months younger than me! I saw her at a fair in our village. She looked beautiful in her pink attire that day. She looked at me and we both smiled. It all started from there. It took a lot of courage for me to send her letters and I had to wait for months to get an answer. And the anticipation just made me long for her more & we kept feeling a strange attraction for each other. We had our share of ups & downs but we came back closer after every fight or argument and all through letters! We fought with family, entire world just to be able to spend our lives with each other. I see the younger generation with these phones & still have communication problems. I do not understand! I think life was better without these gadgets. People have become smart with smartphones and fake too! We were not smart, but at least we were not fake & had zero secrets for each other! That’s all. I still love her to the core!

RJ Anu: Woah !! Woah !! What a love story! Three cheers for you !! Thank you for sharing your life with us! My friends isn’t it just amazing? Love through letters !! May love always win. So on that note let’s listen to the next track, a romantic song only on your favorite channel.

As the song played…

Arti to Vikas ( What’s App): Hey, I missed you!

I missed you, more! ( Vikas to Arti on What’s App)

Vikas Calling …

And then, there was the beginning of an almost endless conversation between two hearts!

The sun smiled while setting down & the night came dancing with its starry blanket! It was a beautiful night .



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  1. Relationships go to a different tangent the moment each other value the other person and know where to be strong and where to let go off… very well written on such instances which we encounter…

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    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful comments.

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  2. Short and sweet. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much !

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  3. Swati Khatri says:

    So true, ego is the enemy of so many relationships

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    1. Yes, absolutely dear !!

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