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Life for all of us is different. Situations are different and the way we experience this phase from birth to death is unique to each & every single one of us. We all go through our own ups & downs. Well, the objective of today’s post is probably a beginning for my own self to make a lot of corrective aspects that may have been gone a little overlooked with time.

I have always been a people person with a very inquisitive mind that is ever curious to know & learn new things. Somehow for some part of my life ( some years), I led a very isolated life & a lot of changes of emotions happened. I sometimes wonder if I am the same person that I used to be, once. All I can say is that I have still not lost myself completely though there may have been a lot of transformation.

As far as I remember, I used to be a very active kid, an ultra-busy teenager, and a super ambitious young woman. Time and I were close buddies playing hide & seek all the time. It was tiring but fun to be on top of everything. As life progressed I excelled at each step at a young age & yes, certainly became an eyesore for many including even the people I trusted the most! In my younger years I never even bothered about all this but at some point in life, it did nudge me. And yes, as the saying goes, you got to pay a price for everything in life, I did have to pay a price for a choice that I made. It is just that sometimes the price is very high. To move on, the price that I paid was not being reactive but responding to my life situation. And in doing that I had to mellow down so that I stop myself from breaking! I was offered many chances to be reactive and ask for a tit for tat! I rejected that path because my conscience did not allow me to do so.

So in choosing between responding and reacting to a situation, I can only say that it is an ongoing learning process. And this becomes difficult for people who have to make their presence in the public be it content creators, actors, authors, painters, comedians or be it any public artist. There is this constant pressure to produce quality content while handling life and responsibilities that one has to fulfill. Life does not come with a manual, we learn as we wade our path through the fate lines. And some days do feel heavy and even a minute trigger is enough to act as a stimulant to bring out the subdued reactionary phenomenon in us. This is probably because we have been suppressing a lot within while bearing the regular grind of life. We fumble and our brain sometimes starts to act like a kid asking stupid questions and making us feel restless. That is when we tend to react but that very delicate moment is also the most crucial moment of making a choice of not letting it affect and seeing the bigger picture that lies ahead. A journey within can also clear a lot of cobwebs.

A lot of situations & especially people in our lives are beyond our control. There will always be a bunch who no matter what you do will never value you and there will be some, who surprisingly will come to your aid and be with you through thick & thin of life. As human beings, we do get affected but then also as human beings, we have the ability to look within our own selves. People will change, will betray you when you least expect it, will help you when you thought you are alone, will leave you all alone in the murk, will hold your hand when you think, you are drowning in an unseen whirlwind of life situations. But what remains constant is our zeal towards living our life, by making the choice of not becoming like the one who hurt you, by constantly trying to find that one thing which can make your life worthwhile, by persistently trying to find ways how you can add value to yourself & your immediate surrounding, by having a positive impact on people who you touch upon in life. And to do so, one has to drink a lot of negativity like Lord Shiv ( Indian Mythology) drank poison, stay calm & ignite the spiritual aspects that can help one to open up our inner senses.

I came across this inspiring video on Youtube that immediately helped me & hence I am sharing with you all. It is a very nice video showing the difference between reacting & responding to life situations. I hope my readers will benefit from this video.

May we become self-aware of our own capabilities & fly above petty things that try to bring us down just like an eagle does. This might need us to work upon honing our own shelves, developing a mind that is broad enough to filter out anger, greed, jealousy & judgements. May we create beautiful memories in the lives we touch because once we die, we will live only in memories of people who crossed our paths. They will always remember how we made them feel and this will probably be the only means to stay alive even when we are dead. After all, life is much bigger than our degrees, paychecks & designations!



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  1. Life will constantly throw challenges at you, its in these tough situations that you make the a decision on how you wish to react – whatever it is, I am sure is the right one for the sitation

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    1. Thanks a ton, Pooja ! I too hope the same !


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