ink in my pen

Photo by Pixabay on
inking my thoughts
on the rough paper
stuck inbetween
i struggle
i wonder
i crave
to paint my feelings
a withered rose 
in between 
my diary
it does not 
hurt anymore
a yesterday
that is probably over
emptiness within
doesn't scare me anymore
a hand reached out
held me 
in my darkest grave
embraced me
in my ugliest phase
i remember
i will always remember
it was not just lust
it was something pure
it has no name
no defination per say
will it quickly evaporate 
or will it always stay
i close my eyes
i open my dreams
a place to keep you safe
a place to claim you as mine
a smile in my heart
you flow as ink in my pen
i  start to write again...


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