A love letter to February

Photo by How Far From Home on Pexels.com

Dear February,

You have always been one of my favorite months of the year. The uniqueness
of having less number of days in you makes you stand out of all the other
months. So do you lack something? Are you sort of something just like our
lives? I think so because each of us at any point in time seems to lack
something or the other.  You resemble a lot like us !!What wonders me is that  despite this ,of all the months, February is
the month associated with love and all rosy feelings! You mark the last month
of winter in the northern hemisphere and the last month in the southern
hemisphere bringing in a season of change, teaching us lessons to survive this
life that comes with a factor of unpredictability embedded in it. Life is after
all an endless journey between perception & reality.

And how  can I forget about the uniqueness that you carry along with you? A
leap year is determined whether you have 28 days or 29 days ! So basically
saying you do not fit in! You are not like others! Just like many of us who
seem different, odd, unique, distinct from the crowd, and many a time  like we who do
feel a little uncomfortable to follow the path that others easily choose or
follow. Just like you, we the misfits have a bigger purpose in life, probably!
We might seem small, lack something but it is this purpose that is keeping us afloat.
Many might have figured it out and many of us are yet to find the true meaning,
the essence of our existence and the purpose of our lives. The quest is
confusing and at times a little tiring. But the dash of love in all our lives
helps us spring back to life. My dear month, you come along and every single
heart blushes, no matter what!

I, personally feel a little
closer to you, though! Maybe because it is in your lap that I came into
existence on this planet earth. You have been with me since the first breath
that I inhaled! So, I can say like a beloved, we both have shared such an
intimate moment that our bond is unique and will stay, at least till the time I
breathe my last. As an ardent and devoted lover, I seek your love towards me, I
crave your support to help me pass the darkest phases that may come in the future,
I urge you to hold me in a close embrace when it becomes difficult to face the

Promise me, that you will visit me each year without fail, bring me a
bouquet of opportunities, recharge me with new energy and I shall forever love
you with an intense passion, with a zeal to learn new things, with a dedication
to getting up after every fall, with an intention  to not give up in whatever I
pursue, with a promise to shine on even if it might seem tough,  with an effort to be able to bring smiles in
as many hearts as I touch just like a ray of sunshine.

O’ my dear  February, let’s  together ink an
eternal love story, you & me. I shall write about you in my poems and you
shall gift me miracles when we meet each year! I  will keep penning down the events that  I faced in other months, write it down on a
pink letter, fold it with care, deliver to you with  my best wishes and when you read the same, you shall have a
piece of me with you and smile, maybe!  Love is not something  that  can be defined easily!So, let us continue
to love and may our uniqueness spread smiles, bring hope, and the much-needed
resilience to tide across new paths of life!

I dedicate a poem (written by Fragano Ledgister )  to you , my lover  !

in february when there should be frost
bright daffodils present in yellow bloom
such firm rejection of the winter gloom


it makes me smile not all the past is lost
and there are things that death will not consume
in february when there should be frost

we look on beauty and don’t count the cost
of what it means to have full life resume
but take each step and see beyond the doom
in february when there should be frost.

 with love,

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  1. Tarang says:

    Such a lovely and expressive post! 🙂

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  2. soniadogra says:

    Great writing journey Chinmayee. Gets more interesting and expressive over time. Best wishes 💐💐

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much ❤️. Means a lot


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