Young Blood: Ten Terrifying College Tales – A Book review

Book Cover
Book Review 

Title of the Book:   Young Blood - Ten terrifying College Tales   

Author's Name:  Chandrima Das 

Available on  :  Amazon

Format:   Kindle /  Paper Back / audiobook

About the Author: Chandrima Das has a B. Tech in Computer Science from NIT Durgapur and an MBA from IIM Calcutta. Her digital debut, The Talking Dead was a bestseller in the horror category. Chandrima Das tells stories that live in the strange territory between truth and fear.

Narration: The narration is very lucid and gripping. It totally has the power to engulf you and take you into a world full of spine thrilling stories.

Book Cover & Title: The red colour and the bold letters do that impact and it has that eerie feeling to it and transpires to the reader as well.

Content: The book is a collection of ten horror stories. This book promises to terrify even the  die-hard fans of horror and it does so effectively through its campus horror stories. I am someone who absolutely gets scared even if I there is slight noise in the darkness. Imagine me reading this book ! I just could not do it at night as it made me feel spooky , hence I preferred to read it at the day time. While reading one can actually feel to be part of such campuses as the writing is crisp . Be it campuses of  IIT Kharagpur or KMC Manipal, the stories feel very real with impactful characterisations and the plot setting is also very strong. Every story is different from one another but one common aspect is that it tackles a social issue in a subtle way which I loved about the book. The detailing is immaculate and few of my favourite chapters are Challenge Accepted, Ghosts of a chance , Final Possessions, The Sacrifice.

The stories are about young protagonists and the stories are drawn from local legends and myths that have been existent through many years. They are relatable and hence succefussly help to run the chilling effect down the spine.

If horror is your choice then you can have the book here on Amazon

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