Samba Dasami- a festival to worship Sun God

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Samba Dasami is a unique festival dedicated to the worship of the Sun Deity and is celebrated in the state of Odisha on the 10th day of the   Shukla Paksha of  Pausha Masa or waxing phase of the moon in the month of Pausha (December – January) as per traditional  Odia Calendar.

The mythological aspect of this festival is that Samba, the son of Lord Krishna suffered the deadly disease of leprosy and worshiped the Sun God for twelve long years near Konark. The day when he was cured is celebrated as Samba Dasami. The temple dedicated to the Sun God still stands on the Chandrabhaga beach (near Konark temple). Devotees throng this place on the day of Samba Dashami and take holy baths.

It is believed that if the Sun God is worshiped and offered prayers, then all the ailments which are incurable otherwise get cured by the miraculous rays of the Sun. Hence, the mothers mostly observe this festival for the good health of their children. Early in the morning, the women wake up and take bath before the break of dawn and prepare a variety of dishes like Chakuli Peetha, Manda Peetha, different type of sweets like Rasagolla, Rasabali, Kheer, fruits, muan & Ghadaghadia tarkari ( a special type of curry with Broad beans called Simba in Odia in it). The Sun God is greeted with the sound of bells, hula-huli (a typical sound made with mouth by the ladies), and the holy sound of conch shells. Again in the evening, Puja is done where “Budha Chakuli” a special type of Peetha is worshiped and Lord Yama is worshipped. This is called the Mahakala Puja . Both times, the Puja is done near the Tulsi plant of the house called the Chaura. A book titled Samba Dasami Vrata Katha is read in almost all households celebrating this festival. Mothers pray for the disease-free life of their children and the longevity of their life span.

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  1. Thank you for bringing out so many facets of the festival.

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    1. Thank you so much and glad you like it.


  2. dreamsamee says:

    Very well written. And may I say, we both share a passion of writing about our traditions and rich culture. Glad to connect.

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    1. Thank you so much and I really appreciate you taking time to indulge in it.


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