Celebrating Green Warriors

As I started writing, a whole new world opened up and the most fascinating part was meeting people and connecting on an intellectual level. There are many kinds of connections, but personally, for me, a mind-to-mind connection matters the most because as human beings, logical & rational thought process is what separates us from other species. Again, within my blogging community, I met so many people and everyone had their own persona and signature style. And every experience has been enriching and I have realized there is so much to learn & share. During such interactions, I was personally drawn to one such voice that somehow touched me and inspired me to start my own little Podcast( which is at its nascent stage and is probably lying somewhere neglected). After various interactions, I came to know the depth, dedication & passion with which she creates, be it her blog or her podcast!

This quarter, I chose to write about the environment as I do as a part of the #CauseaChatter Initiative by Blogchatter. Just like every quarter, I wanted to bring before you a real-life persona, who has gone out of the way to inspire others by their actions. And while doing so, I could not think of anyone else but my blogger friend PraGun, known famously as the Panchtatwa Girl, who tirelessly creates quality content and has launched her Podcast dedicated to creating awareness about sustainable living. I was fortunate enough to conduct the interview with her & she very generously poured her heart out while speaking to me and shared her vision & goals.

The climate crisis is certainly grave and only people who put their heart and soul into this cause can bring in a positive change. Today my blog post is dedicated to her efforts and with immense pride, I showcase her with the rendezvous that I have with her. You can read it below and I would personally highly recommend my readers to engage with her Podcast Channels!

She is certainly a Green Warrior & needs to be celebrated! So, come let’s get to know her more.

Interview :

Prachi Gunthey

    Q- Please tell us something about yourself.

PraGun, is my Nom-de-plume from my initials, Prachi Gunthey. PraGun is a practical, positive, power-loving, purposeful, profound, persevering person. A blogger and a podcaster by the name “Panchtatwa girl” you can read more of my work on my site – www.praguntatwa.com

Sun-Sea-Sky watcher, Chilly-Cherry soul, Nature lover who finds creativity and art everywhere, and an Eco-Mom who writes on conscious sustainable living, mommy life, travel, food, personal stories, and much more. 

I’m a proud Indian soul who lives sophisticated nomadic life and loves to learn and explore nature. Have written for well-known platforms like women’s web, momspresso, Blogadda, Blogchatter, Skill infinity, indibloghub, story mirror, write tribe to name a few.

Q.         What is ‘Praguntatwa’? Tell us how the idea of your blog was generated initially. 

Praguntatwa is also born from the word Panchtatwa and my name is combined with it. The name Pragntatwa popped up when I was searching for a domain name related to panchtatwa.

Praguntatwa is my Lifestyle Eco Blog sharing ways to live a sustainable and conscious life. It even showcases my love for nature, kitchen experiments, parenting, and positive stories of life. I love to weave words in my quotes and am a podcaster who enjoys telling stories and poetry. 

www.praguntatwa.com – is near to my heart and is even my ikigai which keeps me going apart from my mommy roles. 

In other words, PragunTatwa – Blogazine is my conflux or Sangam of being a woman who thinks like flowing (Water), cooks with her (Fire) tatwa, travels under the (Sky), is a mother of two, who loves mother nature too(Earth), and finds creativity around her(Air). Therefore, I associate my Tatwa magazine with these 5 elements. 

Q-         What motivated you to emphasize the environment?

I was always passionate about Panchtatwa’s of life and nature. Sun, Moon, Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Sky, clouds these elements have always ruled my head. Enriched by nature, we express gratitude by worshiping it. I believe in worshiping nature as we are all dependent on it completely.  

Panchatatva (panch + tatwa) means five elements or the “panchamahabhutas”. These are Prithvi(Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Vayu (Air) and Akash (Space). The entire universe is created as well as ruled by these five elements. Even we are all made of these panch tatwas only. These panchtatwas are the basis for all things found in the material creation. 

After reading a lot on this and being my favorite and passionate subject unquestionably, it connected with my writing too. There is enormous teaching when we observe nature more closely. For example – Trees are mute teachers who teach us about selfless life of service, who never consume their own produce.

Q-       How has your own personal life changed after this?

My Personal life as a mother stays the same, but my thought process certainly has changed and got better. By accepting yourself as one among nature and exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing. I’m filled with more gratitude towards everything around me that nature has given us. I’m more affectionate and caring for animals, birds, and insects in my surroundings. I find even a leaf or wildflower attractive. I have become more accepting. 

Even a study says that regardless of age or culture, humans find nature pleasing. Certainly, bonding with nature has made me a more aware and more conscious person. 

Q.         Who inspires you the most in your family or otherwise?

First and foremost, nature inspires me in every way. From the sunrise to the chirping of birds, the clouds in the sky, the air that blows, the sunset and its colors, the leaves on the trees, the grass, the roads, the mountains, rivers, everything inspires me. There is nothing surrounding us in our environment that doesn’t inspire me. It seems I have been taking secret messages from them (hahaha)!

Undoubtedly this cosmos, this beautiful creation is my true inspiration itself. The beauty of day and night, the way this nature beautifully works around us, and even teaches us is encouraging. The work of the universe, the moon and its phases, the way rivers flow, the beautiful journey of a flower or a sapling growing, all inspire me to think, to question, to write, to create, and weave my words accordingly. 

Along with Mother Nature, my journey of motherhood has certainly helped me and inspired me to be what I am today. My being conscious and aware of what I buy or what I use and what I cook for my family all begin from the fact, me being a mother. I was not that aware when I was in my twenties but when I became a mother and I saw my flesh and blood in my hands in the form of my kids, they inspired me to be a better, and conscious human being. They taught me to be more conscious of my choices and aware of what and how I do. So my kids, especially my younger one who is my biggest supporter and even helps me with reels and tips and posts, have been my constant inspiration to write and think more and think better. My blog even began in the year he was born. 

Alongside since I began blogging, many people have inspired me, especially from the blogging community and platform. My fellow bloggers and mentors like Manas ( Manas Mukul ) has guided me in the last year towards my eco-friendly niche and even with my green podcast journey; Suhasini who always pushed me to never give up and has offered her help & motivation to do better, and special mention of Meeta who keeps pushing me to try and venture out to be a voice artist, sharing opportunities and spaces whenever she sees one even for herself and is constantly asking and wishing the best out of me with her soothing words. And my family of course has supported me in whatever I am doing, writing and sharing. There are many whose work also has inspired me to do better and improve myself. 

Q.         What is your dream in terms of sustainable living?

Being an eco blogger, I would say that sustainable development is not a dream, it is reality, and I’m constantly working towards a better future. My dream and my mission is to bring a greener change for our coming generations. I really wish to make more and more people aware of being conscious of their choices, what they buy, and even what they throw away. 

I dream of a greener Earth and a healthier future for our generations to come

When we focus on sustainability, everyone surrounding us and on a larger scale, the entire world benefits and gets to live in clean, green, and more healthy living conditions.

I dream of a place where people and the planet live together, utilizing Earth’s resources in moderation, without harming or damaging it. I dream to end poverty and hunger and make efforts towards positive climate change. 

Q.         So, why Podcasting, and please share your experience?

Podcasting happened to me when initially I recorded a few chapters for some kids who had unfortunately not seen the light of the day. That very moment gave me the power to my words and I thought why not! Podcasting seemed to be the best way to reach some ears who might not be able to read stories or see the beauty of nature. 

I began recording stories for kids and wished they would be heard by all children who have no one to read stories to them. This motivated me with my podcasting journey. So, Podcasting for me happened mainly because of this, and then as I said, when appreciation came peeping through the window there was no looking back. 

Names won’t be enough to thank everyone who loved my voice and appreciated it beyond my expectations. My confidence in my voice & podcasting kept growing.

Initially, I started recording stories for children, then I stepped into recording my poems and book readings, and lately, I’m trying to create awareness for eco-friendly living with my Green talks podcast, where I’m interviewing people who are taking steps towards eco-friendly and sustainable living with their work or products or causes, etc. 

Q.  What is the message that you can give to the world through your Podcast?

Being an Eco-blogger and Eco-friendly podcaster, my first message is to be more aware of our choices and be conscious of the fact that our every act is a step towards a healthier tomorrow and a greener planet. We need to be careful that whatever actions we take, choices we make, should not harm the environment instead they should contribute towards a sustainable tomorrow. 

My podcast aims to bring that change by spreading awareness with my talks as well as sharing the views of many people who are actually doing work and efforts towards sustainable and eco-friendly living. 

Q. How can content creators (in general) impact the environment in a positive way? What are your future plans in this regard?

Everyone who is thinking or expressing and creating even the simplest of content to live more consciously and work towards eco-friendly tomorrow is a content creator to me. Every person who promotes and takes that step towards a greener tomorrow is impacting our environment and I feel they are truly the brand ambassadors of Earth. 

Indeed, content creators have the power to bring a change with their content and words. As they say, a pen is more powerful than a sword, it holds true for those creating content with their words and thoughts. People are now using social media to create awareness on environmental issues and support environmental campaigns too. 

Studies show that social media, content creators, and influencers are the mirror to showcase people’s perception of environmental causes. Media can push and influence people to get involved in eco-friendly causes, by showcasing its benefits and after-effects. 

A recent example of this is the most recent steps by the Government of India for promoting sanitation .’Swachchha Bharat Abhiyan’ has got success by the united efforts of the Government and media. PETA is one influential example I can share here.

As far as my future plans, I plan to work more towards spreading this awareness to our younger generation, especially kids. As they are the future and if they are more aware and conscious today it will certainly help to mold and teach them eco-friendly habits and practices. Personally, I feel raising an eco-conscious kid is a great parenting achievement.

Lately, my younger one has helped me create a few reels and he enjoyed sharing the eco-conscious message in a more accepting way. This age and generation if taught at an early age will grow up to be more aware and conscious humans of tomorrow is what I believe. We just need to train them on simple things they can do until it becomes a habit and lifestyle for them. 

Q.  Would you like to share some tips for new podcasters from your experience?

Podcasting is trending and has gained a good market recently in India and my tip would be to use it as a great medium to share your views and bring awareness. First and foremost if you feel you have a voice, or you have an idea that is influencing, you feel you can speak on a topic and you can do it better, then don’t think. Just record it, share it, and spread it. 

Start off and the journey will teach you all slowly. Don’t keep thinking for long. Voice is a powerful tool and podcasts are a great platform to share your views. Talk about the things you are interested in, that helps to build a great audience. Be interactive and engaging. Podcasts allow you to share knowledge with the relevant audience in an easier way and in simple words. If used correctly, they really are a great digital tool. 

Q.Any other messages you want to give out to the younger generation or anything else that you want to share with us?

Youth is undoubtedly the hope of our future. They are the active and energetic generation who can play a major role in protecting and improving the environment. Young people are creative and energetic and are full of ideas that can be helpful for the present and future too. 

I feel my one message would be with an example that says when we return something to someone, don’t we ensure that we return it in the same condition and in the same format. Similarly, we owe this planet and it’s our duty to leave it in the same manner as we had received it. 

It becomes our obligation towards Mother Earth to conserve it, preserve it, and let it breathe in its natural state. It is our moral obligation to leave the place the same as we got it from our ancestors. So never miss an opportunity to preserve nature and protect it. Also, try every bit to bond with nature as it helps in mental and physical health and makes us feel relaxed too. Being with nature reduces stress and increases positive feelings. 

One thing which I repeatedly say is – make the R’s of reuse, reduce, recycle your best friends in your daily routine and try to live a conscious life, as eco-friendly living is not a choice, it’s a habit.

You can connect with me via below  links :

Blog –  https://praguntatwa.com/.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/praguntatwa/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/PragunTatwa

Facebook profile – https://www.facebook.com/iPragun

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Podcast links

Green Podcast

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JioSaavn – https://www.jiosaavn.com/shows/praguntatwa-talks—the-green-podcast/1/pwmfSbNguB8_


Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/show/63R4WVgqKWi14k3ClzW4XT

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Pragun’s Potpurri

Hubhopper – https://hubhopper.com/podcast/praguns-petals/327157

anchor – https://anchor.fm/potpourriplatter

I wish, PraGun aka Prachi all the best in all her future endeavors with all my heart.



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