Life beyond Memories

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Ahh, December it is then. The last month of the year. A month that takes us all to a new beginning, to a brand new year. marked by celebrations, this month is always special. Time does not become old or new but I think this month surely fills us all with a zeal to look forward to horizons and I somehow feel it also rejuvenates old bonds. We all want to usher into the new year while holding on to the hands of our loved ones. We are at the threshold when things have started to normalize after the pandemic, at least we believe so but we do not know what the future has in store. Similar to a situation that I faced at the beginning of the month of November. It started on a great note and I had so many things to accomplish but there were many hindrances on the health grounds of my closed ones. everyone in my family had felt down the weather, some less some more and without even knowing when this month just passed by. I miserably failed at writing as I just could not be at my writing station. A lot of submissions did not happen. The promotion of my new book is at a halt. And that really is something that irritated me a lot. But we all have to act as per the demands of time. My priorities were the recovery of my family and being able to carry on with work commitments. Sometimes, flowing with the flow is the best activity that one can do and I just did that.

In a world that is so rapidly moving towards commercialized feelings, it is a blessing to have people who genuinely wish good for you. I am immensely grateful to have such few people who helped me calm my anxiety in such testing times and their good wishes and prayers helped in the recovery process. Really grateful to Almighty that though not all have achieved full recovery yet. But at least the healing was much faster than anticipated.

I have had a negligible presence on social media because that gave me more anxiety to even respond to messages forget about arranging live sessions. I just wanted to be in touch with my close-knit circle and just no one else! I still have a lot of pendency to clear and I hope to do that soon. on a positive note, I started learning a new skill as well last month and that makes me feel great as every day I look forward to bettering myself at it. Apart from that, I plan to resume writing and work on my new book this month and work on new projects. I know the restart will be a little bumpy but I will put aside my pattern of penning that perfect piece of writing ( if I am not happy with my own writing I just do not write and leave my desk )and just write every single day, ( no matter what I write ) so that I get back the mojo soon. I just want my thoughts to flow and connect the dots that I intend to, no matter how rugged the lines appear.

Today, I present before you a small poem which is a Blitz ( The Blitz Poem, a poetry form created by Robert Keim. This form of poetry is a stream of short phrases and images with repetition and rapid flow. Begin with one short phrase, it can be a cliché.) below that I had written earlier. Hope you will like it. Do let me know your thoughts.

Life beyond Memories

Books are reflections
Books are life
Life is chaos
Life is precious
Precious is heart
Precious is love
Love is pious
Love is magic
Magic is momentary
Magic is fantasy
 Fantasy charms reality
Fantasy ignites dreams
Dreams are ageless
Dreams are endless
Endless is conviction
Endless is passion
Passion leads creativity
Passion ignites soul
Soul is formless
Soul encompasses divinity
Divinity transcends boundaries
Divinity percolates barriers
barriers fragment solidarity
barriers divide unity
Unity is strength
Unity is bond
Bond helps soothe
Bond creates relations
Relations are not always blood
Relations are not always defined
Defined is not fate
Defined is not limit
Limit prohibits growth
Limit cancels scope 
Scope can be vast
Scope can be open
Open those boxes
Open those letters
Letters carry messages
 Letters pave paths
Paths meander through wilderness
Paths lead to destinations
Destinations are about experiences
Destinations are about journeys
Journeys filled with testimonies
Journeys filled with memories
 Memories are little pauses
 Memories are big moments

Let December guide us to new rejuvenations, new vigor, newness in old ties, and great beginnings. I look forward to watching a lot of Holiday-themed movies and reading a lot and yes write, every day. May this month bring us health and happiness in every possible way.



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  1. Harshita says:

    We need to take a break now and then to rejuvenate ourselves. Sometimes the break can be voluntary, or (like in your case) involuntary. But you said the truth that nothing but the happiness and health of near and dear ones count.
    I am glad you are going to be back on your writing desk again.
    All the best

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    1. Thank you so much . I have been struggling to write and being aligned to it. Hope fully it will happen soon I guess. Your support means a lot.


  2. A nice Blitz poem. Had never heard of this form. Nice to know through your blogpost.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure for me to learn this new type of poem.


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