Romancing the Romance King of Bollywood.

Shahrukh Khan ( PC – Internet)

“I love you…. K. K. K….. Kiran” was the dialogue that first caught my attention when I saw this anti-hero emerge bigger than the hero in the movie Darr. Then came DDLJ ( Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge) and then KKHH( Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) and by now be it Raj or Rahul aka Sharukh Khan had already made his mark in the hearts of all Bollywood fans. Though he had been in the entertainment industry since his popular TV shows like Circus & Fauji apart from many other movies in the Hindi Film industry, these blockbusters certainly cemented his position on the Silver Screen!

This dimple cheeked, charming, suave & handsome man had almost started ruling the hearts of people who adored love stories as a genre, be it movies or books. The blockbuster hits and the evergreen melodies added to the ever-alluring aura of this one man, who without his biceps or without having that perfect body, became closer to the hearts of the millions because he felt like the very approachable boy next door and his movies resonated with the young masses and their aspirations of belongingness.

I do not consider myself a crazy movie buff or a die-hard fan of King Khan. I do not have the craze to watch the first-day first show of any movie nor do I religiously follow any actor for that matter. Hence, I do not write many posts dedicated to my favorite movies. But, nonetheless, there is no denying the fact that I love cinema. Be it in any language as long as it touches one’s heart , then it certainly is my favorite type. And King Khan for sure has a special place in my heart. Probably, because I have grown up in an era when his movies were the buzz of the town.

I remember ,I was in my early teens when KKHH had released and me, being a tomboy during my school days, immediately identified with Anjali aka Kajol, the lead actress of the movie. Well, I have a habit of putting myself in the shoes of the female protagonists when I watch a movie or read a novel. (I do not know how it is with others though!) And coincidentally I had an inclination towards one of my classmates who was my very close friend. I could never tell him my feelings at that time. He was the most handsome lad of the class, probably my eyes thought so, back then.More than anything, he was very well behaved and humble . We both were good at sports and hence many times practiced together and spent extra time being in each other’s company. Back then, when we were innocent and the world seemed much better, these feelings seemed to have a very intense place in our life unlike now! Because when I look back, it seems all so childish. And just like Rani Mukherjee in the movie, there was this new girl who had recently joined our school and my friend had his first-ever teenage love affair with her. And I remained his forever friend! Just like many first love stories, his love story too ended very soon. I confessed to him that he was my first ever crush after a long, long time ( after many years) when we connected coincidentally. He is now blissfully married and has a cute little family. We laughed it off like anything and I was taken aback when he said that he perceived me way above his league to be considered the love of his life ! Though he felt close to me during school, yet he could never think that he deserved me ! I did not know how to react to him. So, long story short, when I watched KKHH, it seemed to resonate strongly. I remember collecting postcards of King Khan and all the songs were at the tip of my tongue, all memorized! Well, who does not have crazy teenage years! This was a personal affair that drew me close to this actor.

If in Swadesh, he drew out the patriotic flavor so effortlessly, it was Chak De India in which he managed to give us goosebumps without even playing that winning match and helped in bringing the focus to the issues faced by women players, who are no less than their counterparts in any manner. In My name is khan he put into perspective a very important issue of religion, the life of a disabled person, dealing with a difficult married life, coping with the loss of a loved one. In Rab ne bana di Jodi, he taught that love is not about winning by force but by winning with heart and with integrity. In DDLJ, he introduced this image of the Jamai, who tries hard to understand the family of the girl and firm a bond with everyone, just to see his Simran happy and to win her trust and love. Veer Jaara was another milestone that portrayed that sacrifice is perhaps the purest form of love. If his family entertainment movies like Kabhi Khusi Gham or Dil to Pagal Hai or Chennai Express or Mein Hoon Na helped us smile and warmed our hearts, off-track movies like Dil Se or the anti-image movies like Darr or Bazigar brought out a different shade in him. And yes, every time the audience cheered on like crazy. I can go on and on with the name of the movies.

His signature open arms helped every girl dream that maybe, she deserves to be embraced with all her scars, his dialogues like ” Picture abhi baki he ” or the scene depicting how to perfectly play “the 70-minute game” signaling that there should be hope and resilience in each heart when things go wrong. He made romance seem achievable to the hearts that believed in the magic of love. His presence on the 70mm Screen and those whistles and smiles that filled up the theater is something that I can never forget. He taught many to dream about love, to feel loved, and to experience the very feeling of intimacy. He very efficiently portrayed the image of thehe loyal gentleman who always goes that extra mile for the love of his life with all his heart, every single time!

There are critics who say that he is the master of overacting and can only do a certain genre and so many other things about his personal life. I will respect their viewpoints just like we all should because there are always two sides to a story. Well, this post today is about only his presence in the Hindi Film Industry. However,a well-read man, a gentleman, an ever-smiling stud with his classy salt & pepper look ( as of now)who without a Godfather became King Khan is someone who will always continue to remain as an iconic figure no matter what! His foundations like the Meer foundation do a commendable job in helping the acid survivors apart from his many other philanthropic activities. That is anyways not under today’s discussion. The main point is, would Bollywood be the same without him? Certainly not! It would have been different. After all, no one is irreplaceable. There would have been someone else filling up the void. But it would certainly have been very different.

Even his silence with respect to the current happenings in his personal space ( the recent news) taught us the dignity of keeping silent when things go out of hand! I am not commenting on who was right or wrong. Certainly, that is not my job. Let the law take its own course. But when there is any turmoil in one’s personal space, it is immensely difficult to keep calm and especially when the spotlights are on you, 24/7! And yet, he did that with class!

So, cheers to you, King Khan, for making us smile, for at least giving us a reason about fantasizing that there exists a man with the emotional maturity to handle tricky situations and win his love of life, for making us believe that there is pristine love existent in this stinky world where every second an innocent is being used! ( May who plays around with trust of a loyal heart find their lessons in this very lifetime and may Karma boomerang fast, hitting them so hard, that they never get up to hurt or use another pure soul). Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! My teenage years would not have been the same without you and your dimple! May you have the best of health and happiness in life. May all Anjalis find their Rahuls & Rajs get united with their Simrans!

Well, while I fantasize myself wearing those beautiful outfits, dancing with all my heart with a smile on my face for the love of my life who probably exists in a parallel universe or maybe who will find me in another lifetime and perhaps I will have a soulmate in some other dimension of space, maybe; meanwhile you can click the below video and listen to one of my favorite songs!



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  1. IndiaNetzone says:

    One of the earliest evidences of Parallel Cinema in the Hindi film industry traces back to the 1937 V. Shantaram-directed film ‘Duniya Na Mane’, a critical and commercial success that was showcased at the Venice International Film Festival and is hailed for “its daring attack on the treatment of women in Indian society” and depiction of child marriage.

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