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Blurb of the Book: It must’ve been LOVE

Love, as we all know has numerous hues, some lovely, some melancholy and sometimes it is beyond any description. The emotions, sentiments that a heart experiences can sometimes be only felt and not always expressed in words .Does it feel familiar? well, it might to many for we all have in some point in time have gone through these feelings and this book will help you turn back the pages of your memory with its poetic offerings. May be you will smile, may be there will be a tear, but this book will make you feel!

Book Review 

Title of the Book: It must've been LOVE

Author's Name: Mayura Amarkant

Format: PDF


About the Author: The author is an entrepreneur, blogger, promoter of a theatre group and a writer by passion. “Trapped in Heaven & other stories” was Mayura’s first anthology of romance fiction. With it, she launched Sansi Ventures, the publishing arm of Sarvashreshtha Solutions. The book received praise in India, Netherlands, USA, UK, Singapore, Australia and many other countries across the globe.

Narration: The book has both the colorful shades of prose & poetry and the description style is quite unique.

Book Cover & Title: The book cover is the first thing that I liked about the book and it does successfully passes the message that all is not rosy when you are in love . The broken heart symbolizes the turmoil that lay ahead when one dives deep.

Content:  The blurb made me little curious to pick up this book and glad I did that . The narration is definitely unique where the poetess has skillfully weaved both strands of poetry & prose and has been able to present a beautiful embroidered pattern of emotions of a heart that falls in love. The description is dramatic in the lyrical verses where as the prose balances it out with its reality imbibed story telling. The book is a love story of two young hearts and the whole plot is set in the time phase of the 90’s era. Meera and Keshav are the love birds who fall in love only to experience that life is not only about black & white. This love story has its own shade of grey that makes the reader pause many a times to understand the intricacies of a love affair. The poems are packed with emotions and are quite deep as they reflect the very sensitive heart of Meera , the main protagonist who genuinely loves Keshav. She is sometimes the naïve lover and sometimes the fierce one who becomes possessive towards Keshav. There is longing , rawness, tenderness, anger, inexperience, hint of jealousy, heartache that touches the readers heart as the poetess nicely makes the characters dance with the help of her poems while the prose sets the stage . Well the book has also many unsolved corners because Keshav and his flawed character haunt you even after the book is over. There is a lot unsaid about him and this adds to the factor of intrigue in the book. Many might feel that this would have been developed better, but personally I felt that Keshav and his mysteries made the love story more realistic. Does life always make senses to us? No! Do we always get answers to the questions that entangle us ? No ! Similar is the portrayal of Keshav, he remains a question mark till the very end just like some unsolved mysteries that we all might encounter in life. This book is an emotional drama that might help the readers become nostalgic about their own teen love , tug the chords of the heart and make one believe that love is never easy but without experiencing love , life is incomplete.

Few lines that touched my heart :

My Shadow
Have you seen it anywhere?
Did you find it on your way?
My silhouette, my shadow,
it is missing since I lost it.
it is absent since it went,
vanished it has without leaving scent.

Has it gone hiking in the valleys?
Or trekking in the hilly terrains?
Arm in arm when we were afoot,
when it quietly slipped away.
Is it camping somewhere yonder,
oh where do I look for the decamper?

If you are looking to indulge in a romantic affair with twists & turns then you can pick up this book.

The book is available for free download on the

Blogchatter website:   It must’ve been LOVE

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  1. ritecontent says:

    This sounds like a lovely book. You have highlighted all the good aspects of it with your description and the quotes.

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    1. Thank you 💞 Hope you like it 😊

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  2. Thank you so much for such a wonderful review. I am deeply touched. Glad you liked the book….

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    1. The pleasure is all mine 🙂


  3. referring says:

    I do not even know the way I ended uⲣ here,
    hoᴡever I assumed this publish ᥙsed to be great. I do not understand who you’re but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already.



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