Of Open Spaces & Boundaries !

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The world that we inhabit today is almost connected, well virtually at least ! We come across many unknown faces and soon develop a bond . This was never the case few years back. People were confined to their own local spaces . Today, we might not know our own neighbor but might have a bonding with someone who is one a different time zone all together! The plus and minus will always balance each other out, isn’t it ?

The web and the very dependence on it has created scope for multifarious communication and impacted human behavior as well to a great extent. It has made it easier to connect with like minded people and have a healthy discussions, form new friendships, open new opportunities, forge new alliances etc. The accessibility to free knowledge on different platforms is just immense.

It has in the same way also opened gateways for abuse, trolls, unsolicited opinions and create a mental agony. It might be irritating to note that sometimes people tend to have a opinion about every single thing on the ground. Some find it funny to offend and corner someone. And the ease of sitting behind a masked virtual space makes it even easier. Some are just too equipped to play mind games and make one feel demotivated for no single reason.

Talking about using such network to showcase one’s creative pursuit can be a real task. It sometimes really tough to strike a balance of the degree of accessibility one should allow in such cases. In creative endeavors it is very important to have a target audience and be accessible to them by all means. Like writing a book is in itself a herculean task but to make it accessible to its readers is another ball game altogether. One has to navigate and may have unhealthy experiences before understanding where to draw the line.

We can take the example of an open field with a good crops ready to be harvested. They need open space, right amount of sunshine, free air and yet boundaries to protect them from being destroyed by unwanted intruders. Similarly, be it personal peace or any work of creation, it needs to be connected in a well balanced disconnected way ! But one can not have it easy is what I feel. And most of the times, having a thick skin helps and wherever required , the fences must be planted firmly to keep any kind of disturbances away. Coming to personal space, human beings need to connect, need a place to belong and need to may be bond but when certain elements try to pull you down, one should have the courage to call out! and sometimes, a collective effort needs to be taken so that such inappropriate behavior stop at once.

We are all different and true celebration of life can happen when we accept this. Being open to difference of opinions, respecting each other’s personal space and also belonging to a like minded people can enrich our existence. Seeking help in times of distress while dealing with infringement whether in personal or creative space also can solve problems. Let there be open spaces with beautiful boundaries having the accessibility to people who understand your value , appreciate your effort, encourage you and help you reach a better space in life

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  1. purbajune says:

    Wonderful post. Great food for thought. Social media is a great place to showcase our talent but it has trollers and haters too that can pull us down if we are not thick-skinned.

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    1. Thank you Purba for stopping by


  2. Leha says:

    Absolutely, we need to practice being open minded. The right amount of everything is a healthy recipe for a content life. Beautifully written.

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    1. Thank you for your comments !

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  3. Anindya says:

    In any relation, open spaces are utmost essential. Without open spaes,one can feel claustrophobic and that can create serious deficit in the development of that relationship. And yes, certain boundaries are also essential. Very apt post. Nicely written.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and glad you liked the post 🙂

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  4. Matheikal says:

    Highly relevant for today’s India where dissent is a crime.

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    1. Agree with you sir!


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