You are me now ! (A flash fiction)

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She came home! She had never imagined. It was like a dream for her to enter the verandah and walk into her own house that she had left only to spend time away for so long.

It felt like yesterday when she used to wake up to a warm snuggle, a forehead kiss, and then a tight embrace from the love of her life. She would act cranky if she ever had to wake up alone. She hated it . Suddenly everything changed when she had been waking up alone in the hospital for the past one and a half year!

Her five-year-old son came running and hugged her when she entered the house today.
Tears of happiness flew down her cheek!

After having dinner she entered her own bedroom. She stood there for a moment and looked around. That night was special as she felt alive again. How badly had she missed her room!  She would fight with anyone if her belongings in the room were displaced without her will earlier . And now her life stood displaced in front of her in so many ways.

She woke up to a bright morning wrapped up cozily in her beloved’s arms. She got her favorite forehead kiss and her tight embrace too!

“What? Why do you seem shocked?” he asked!

“I thought things will change between us.” She said touching her chest which had nothing but stitch marks on both sides of her rib.

He lay his head on that ugly bare chest and closed his eyes and lay there still for some time.

She brushed his hair. “Will you speak something?  Love me if you can but just do not pity me! I can not handle that , like ever !You are free!! Do you understand …free! I won’t mind if you, you know… take any decision!”

He swiped her bald head with his hands before taking her hand into his own hand.

“Are you even in your senses? Nothing changes. Absolutely nothing! I  need you for my sane existence , not your body part! I have been praying so hard to be able to have this moment with you since the day you were admitted to the hospital. We just have to be a little careful henceforth. That is all! You are me now! You always have been. How can I not love my own scars? You are beautiful in every way, now and forever.”

There was a passionate kiss and the beginning of a new realm of togetherness, of a mature bond that was much stronger than that existed before!

Love ,


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  1. Terveen Gill says:

    This is so touching. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and your kind words 🙂

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  2. Swati Khatri says:

    Beautiful love story 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much 💕

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