Story of Resilience

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Where there is a will, there is a way and when you find that way, you must have the courage to walk on it!

The book by Ravish Mani is not just a book but it is a live example of what one can do, if there is strong determination. yes, you guessed it right! One can overcome any kind of hassle that comes on the way. The original manuscript prepared by the author was lost when the lightening struck and caused irreparable damage to his laptop , just before two days before submission! Any other person would have thought of giving up but not the author! This really calls for applause where the author has led by example.

Book Review 

Title of the Book:  The Story of Story

Author's Name: Ravish Mani

Format: PDF


About the Author: Ravish Mani is a Bio-technologist by profession but he has unique qualities of being a life coach apart from being a business & leadership consultant. Being a voracious reader he has a keen interest in the literary world and believes that reading a book is about reading a mind. You can appreciate his work on his website where he posts regularly. All the details of his previous work can be found here. He had authored his last work titled See through Words, which I had reviewed earlier on my blog as well.

Narration: The book speaks to you and the comprehensible language of the book connects to the readers instantly.

Book Cover & Title: The title of the book is very alluring and surely asks for attention. I will refrain from commenting on the book cover due to the technical problem that says it all. compiling the manuscript at the last moment on a mobile calls for immense resilience and grit & the outer beautification can surely be neglected. However , if the author wants to take the book to other platforms, I am sure he will rework on the cover to make it more appealing.

Content: This book is for aspiring authors and is filled with many tips to help them understand the nuances of writing fiction. With the help of famous movies and by embedding scenes from them , he tries to put forth the importance of multiple editing, depth of substance in the story, conflict resolution, building characters. He beautifully narrates that a story is about showing and not just telling. and to do so effectively , the protagonists and the way to describe an experience has to be so well balanced that the readers must connect with the story in the intended manner. The relative aspect of pleasure & pain has been very sensitively touched upon in the book.

The practical tips in the book can surely motivate one to create better as it personally did for me. When he says that “True character of a person is revealed through his choices & actions at crucial moments. His daily activities may present a wrong image of the person. “; one can understand the importance of building a character and giving them the right choices to make.

The Author, with his ‘Uncopyrighted tag’, which declares that this book can be circulated and the contents can be freely used, establishes the fact that he is a giver by nature as this was also the case with his last book, where he just intended to impart free knowledge. He also says that morality can not be forced and we can only wonder about how true this statement is.

Few lines that touched my heart are as below:

Good judgment is the result of experience, and experience is often the result of bad judgment. He continues to fail & learn until he learns to close the gap between his perceived reality & the actual reality.

I am sure, had the natural calamity not hampered the work of the author, this creation would have had more depth to it. This book has many significant aspects and is a must for budding fiction writers.

The book is available for free download on the Blogchatter website:  The Story of Story

The book blurb is as below:

PS. This book is part of #BlogChatterEbook carnival in which my book, Heartfelt Symphonies was also launched and is available for free download as of now.



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  1. Great Review. I resonant each word you have written here. I have also reviewed his work and love his writing style.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Swati for stopping by! Yes, I loved the book and glad you liked the review.


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