Unloved in love- Book Review

Book Name- Unloved in Love

Author-Rituparna Ghosh

Genre- Romance

Format- Paper Back / Kindle Edition

Publisher- Readomania

‘Unloved in Love’ as intriguing as the name, the book took me along with its varied stretches of emotions and colorful contours of complications of a relationship . This is a book written by Rituparna Ghosh and let’s know more about it.

About the Author–  Rituparna Ghosh holds an MBA from IIT Madras and has had successful career in research and analytics for about a decade. She also has a diploma in novel writing from London School of Journalism. A proud infertility survivor , she currently resides in UK with her family. Having overcome many of her own life’s complicated issues she now works as a transformational life coach

Narration–  The book narrates the various aspects of human emotion in a very lucid manner and the delicate and intricate angles have been spun really well. The balance between the different characters is noteworthy as none of them have been either projected as a hero or a villain but rather just humane with their own set of flows. The language and the vocabulary used efficiently convey the nuances of human sentiments and do justice to the plot of the story.

Book Cover & Title– The bright yellow cover of the book really is eye catching and makes the excitement level soar high up among readers. The title truly captures the very essence of the story and is quite unique which grabs the required attention among the readers.

Content–  Rituparna Ghosh’s Unloved in Love is a story of three people entangled in the most elusive, charming and alluring feeling called Love. But the main point to highlight here is that the book brilliantly navigates through the complex layers of emotions that one feels. Does it ever happen that one can feel euphoric and rejected at the same time? Is it possible that one can feel accomplished and yet hollow inside ? The central characters despite every attempt fall in the gripping feeling called Love that has its strong magnetic charm on the protagonists.

Kiara Sen, a rebel in spirit , is certain that starting her own venture would redeem her in the eyes of her mother. Kiara faces a lot of hassle to bear the over burdening of her mother’s expectations and struggle to fit in it. She being a bold and strong headed girl totally goes all the way to prove that her mother’s vision of a perfect life is not for her. She takes on life with all the zest and tries carve out a niche for her in the professional world where she encounters two men having completely different personalities from each other but equally attracted to Kiara despite all her humane flaws.

Kyle Wolf has his entire life decided for him where he has to take in hands the reins of Wolf legacy and be instrumental in taking the legacy ahead. However, Kiara and her persona compel him to think otherwise and he wants to break free from the shackles of a pre decided life.

Karan Shergil, despite his best efforts to stay away from Kiara , gets pulled back to her with his one sided love for her. The man who does not believe in relationships due to his own family backgrounds finds it really hard to not be attracted to Kiara.

The protagonists go through a plethora of emotions as their life is entangled and they struggle to wade through the zig zag ways of life. The ups and downs of life tests their resilience to live a life full of purpose . They constantly weigh the opportunities lying ahead and the ever compelling strings that are attached between their hearts. The mind and the heart play their own game and the three central characters keep juggling the tussle between their personal and professional aspirations.

Will Kyle and his constant effort to seek parental acceptance bring Kiara close to him or will Karan , despite his one sided love will be able to win over Kiara ? If the readers want to experience an eventful love story with intriguing twists and turns then this is the book. The characters are very relatable and the sentiments portrayed can be easily felt . The reference to contemporary modern day life style will surely make the book appealing among the millennials. The book makes the readers glide through emotions like confusion, grief, frustration, love, imperfect duality of apprehensions where one can have everything starting from family, career , friendship yet feel incomplete, the feeling of unloved while being in love is beautifully captured in the book. The author through her story telling skills has been able to create an interesting romance drama that will keep the readers hooked till the last page.

If you love romance novels like me, then I am sure you will connect with the story . The unpredictability of life, the fear of choosing the wrong option in life, the imbalance of feeling rejected in spite of having every thing makes the book a compelling read. The book also deals with complexity one faces to accept oneself with all the incompleteness or flaws one may have . The present generation with their ever increasing hunger to achieve the illusive perfection in life often face these emotions and hence the story can very well resonate with this group of readers more. A beautiful emotional drama depicted in Unloved in Love is sure to play with your heart and evoke many emotions as you glide from one page to another.

To explore the book yourself please click here to have your own copy .

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